49 cold weather hacks to keep you warm and save you money

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Temperatures are dropping in many parts of the US. And as the weather gets colder, this can put a significant strain on your wallet as you try to stay warm! 

But the good news is that there are ways to make the cold a lot more bearable. Here are 49 hacks to help you stay warm — and save you money too! 

49 hacks to help you stay warm

Cold weather home hacks

Window in old house cityscape in winter

1. Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs

2. Lock in energy costs with your energy provider. 

3. Use a programmable thermostat. This can save you about 10% in energy costs. (If you really want to kick it up a notch, get a Nest!)

47 winter hacks that can save you big

4. Use a window insulation kit (shown above) to eliminate drafts. The film can save up to $17 per window during the winter for homes in the North. Use a hair dryer to eliminate wrinkles in the plastic!

5. Save money on energy costs by installing energy-efficient appliance models.

6. Get tax credits for installing energy efficient heaters. (You can get a 30% tax break on geothermal heat pumps!)

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47 winter hacks that can save you big

7. Use draft blockers at the bottom of your door. This tutorial helps you make one instead of buying one at the store.


8. Use zoned heating. Close off rooms and vents in rooms that are not in use.

9. Seal drafts around doors and windows using weather stripping or caulking.

10. Make sure your attic is well insulated

11. Get a water heater blanket if your unit is over 5 years old.

12. Use natural sunlight for heating when available by opening curtains/blinds.

13. Put your ceiling fans in reverse during the winter to move rising heat downward.

14. Make sure your vents are not blocked by furniture. 

15. Insulate your garage doors to save energy and stay warm.

16. Keep a small refrigerator outside. You can keep food and beverages cold without plugging it in and save on energy, as long as it is cold outside.

17. When you’re finished cooking a meal in the oven, leave the door open to let the warm air circulate through your house.


18. Close off your fireplace and the flue on your chimney.

19. Consider warming your bed with an electric blanket. This can save on energy costs!

47 winter hacks that can save you big

20. Use faucet covers for your outdoor faucets to keep your spigot from freezing. 

21. Clean gutters to avoid costly repairs later and protect your foundation and shingles.

Cold weather car hacks

Save money and be safe by preparing your car for the elements!

22. Try to park your car with the windshield facing east. This will cause the snow to melt and warm up your car! 

23. Instead of buying store-bought de-fogger that can cost $7 a bottle, use shaving cream. Just spread a thin layer on the inside of your windshield, then wipe with a clean cloth. Voilà! 

24. Keep an emergency kit in your car, one that won’t break the bank.

25. Get an oil change to avoid expensive repairs later on. But, you may not need to get one every 3,000 miles as previously thought.  


26. If you have frozen ice on your door handles and you’re in a pinch, it can be melted off using hand sanitizer. 

27. Check tire tread to make sure tires will be safe for winter.

28. Instead of buying winter washer fluid, make your own by combining a bit of rubbing alcohol, with water. 

29. Keep your gas tank partially full.

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30. Check the fluids and consider a tune up. 

31. Cover your side mirrors with a freezer-sized Ziplock bag, zipped as far as it will go. This prevents ice from forming and keep you from spending time cleaning your mirrors.

32. Make sure your wiper blades work. 

33. Make sure heaters and defrosters are working.

34. If your car gets stuck in the snow, try putting kitty litter under the tires to gain some traction. You could even use your car mats if you get in a pinch.


35. Have the brakes checked. 

36. Check your tire pressure and consider snow tires. Tire pressure can have a direct impact on how much you spend on gas!

37. A spray of WD-40 can keep a keyhole from getting frozen.

38. To keep ice from forming on your windows, spray your car windows with a 3:1 vinegar and water mixture. 

39. To keep ice and snow off your windshield altogether, throw an area rug or large blanket over your windshield.

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Cold weather hacks for you 

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40. Take shorter, lukewarm showers. You’ll avoid getting dry skin, and save money on water heating.

41. Wear layers. Layers allow you to be comfortable, regardless of how the temperature changes.

42. Spray nonstick cooking spray on your shovel and the snow will come right off. Additionally, you could rub candle wax on your shovel using an old candle.

47 winter hacks that can save you big

43. Remember Snuggies? They are actually pretty useful, especially if you keep your house cold to save on energy costs. But, to save money, try making your own Snuggie using this tutorial


44. Sleep in a cold room to save on energy costs. Turns out, it might be better for your health!

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47 winter hacks that can save you big

45. Use ChapStick on dry/cracked fingers in the winter to get rid of cuts.

46. Buy a piece of wool fabric and cut out wool insoles for you shoes. This will keep your feet warmer! This tutorial shows you how.

47. Use a humidifier to help reduce the chance of nose bleeds and general discomfort from winter dryness. 

48. Make your own instant hand warmers by following this tutorial.

49. Wear cotton gloves over your hands after you apply lotion. This will help lock the moisture into your skin.

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