10 items on deep discount in November!


It’s hard to avoid all the excitement around holiday shopping deals this time of year… So how do you know when a ‘deal’ is really a deal? 

Well, there are a few things that we know consumers can get a better deal on during this month of the year.

Prices fluctuate throughout the year, based on supply and demand. And according to Consumer Reports, there are several products on deep discount in November. Most undeniably, gift items related to Black Friday — such as TVs, electronics, and toys — are are heavily discounted during November.

But there are other items you can get a great deal on that tend to slip under the radar! 

10 items on deep discount in November

1. TVs

Since TVs are some of the main items retailers hope will entice you into the store for Black Friday and before, it is definitely something consumers in the market for a new TV should watch out for to get the best price in November. Check out this TV guide to know what to look for and get the best deal. 

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2. Toys 

Toys are obviously hot items for Christmas – and retailers tend to pull out all the stops! Since most of their business comes in the last few months of the year, companies are willing to make prices lower to move inventory out of the store. But how do you know if you’re getting the best deal? The internet is a great place to price check, and also check out these shopping apps that can help you find the best deal.

3. Baby products 

According to Consumer Reports, baby products are on sale this month, so be sure to check out what deals might be available for higher-priced items such as strollers or cribs. 

4. Camcorders

Like TVs, camcorders are an opportunity for retailers to capitalize on the holiday shopping season and draw people into their stores. In the market for a new camcorder but not quite sure what you need? Check out this guide from Consumer Reports. 

5. Grills & outdoor home items 

‘Baby, it’s (getting) cold outside!’ That’s why retailers are looking to get rid of items that are typically used outside – where it’s too cold!  Need a new grill or have you thought about getting some outdoor furniture? This is the perfect time to get these items at clearance prices. 


6. Bicycles

Bicycles are discounted since we’re near the end of the cycling season for most places in the nation, unless you live in Florida!

If you are in the market for a bike, what kind should you get? What is a good deal for a bicycle? Check out this guide in order to become a savvy bike shopper. 

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7. GPS devices 

GPS devices have gone down in recent years – due to the fact that many cars now automatically come with GPS devices, and the fact that the rapidly changing technology has caused prices to drop. Budget units now come with premium features such as the ability to speak names, issue speed warnings, and provide reality view – graphically displaying major intersections. 

All in all you can now get a premium GPS device for a budget price! Consumer reports also has a GPS buying guide

8. Halloween costumes and candy

Stores might have cleared them out by now, but early November is the best time to get Halloween candy and costumes at rock bottom clearance prices. Always wanted to get that banana costume but didn’t want to pay full price? Early November is your chance! 

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9. Wedding dresses

We are definitely in the off-season for wedding dresses as most weddings happen in the spring or summer. And often since we are so time-strapped and cash strapped during the holidays, brides-to-be don’t often think to go shopping for their wedding dress during this time of year.

10. Tools

Tools are one of those other categories that are promoted heavily during the holiday shopping season. Take advantage of great deals on tools while they are on the gift-giving radar! 

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