Mastercard Unveils 5 New Benefits for Many Major Credit Cards


Do you have a Mastercard World or World Elite credit card in your wallet?

There’s a chance you may have some new cardholder benefits that could save you some money!

Mastercard recently announced that it’s offering new or expanded cardholder benefits through partnerships with DoorDash, HelloFresh, Lyft, Fandango and ShopRunner.

Let’s take a look at each of the new benefits and see if your credit card is one of the cards that qualify for them.

These Credit Cards Qualify for the New Mastercard Benefits

Before we dig into the details of each new benefit, you’re probably wondering whether these new perks apply to you.

In an April 1, 2021, news release, Mastercard indicates that the new perks will apply to World and World Elite consumer credit cards.

These cards span across a variety of issuers including Citi, Barclays and Chase. Typically, cards with a Mastercard logo from any issuer will fall within three different benefits tiers: standard, World or World Elite.

Here is a sampling of popular credit cards that carry the Mastercard logo and include versions of the World or World Elite benefits packages:

Popular Mastercard World or World Elite Credit Cards
Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer
AAdvantage® Aviator® Red World Elite Mastercard®
Chase Freedom FlexSM
Citi Prestige Card
FRONTIER Airlines World Mastercard
Citi Premier® Card
JetBlue card
Capital One Savor Rewards Credit Card
Apple Card
HSBC Elite Credit Card

This is not a comprehensive list of World and World Elite credit cards. And your version of these cards may not actually carry the Mastercard logo; some issuers offer Visa as well.

If you’re not sure if your card qualifies, take a look at the logo on the card to see if it indicates Mastercard World or World Elite membership.


You also can contact your card issuer to verify eligibility for these deals.

DoorDash Benefit

DoorDash, which has emerged as one of the country’s most popular food delivery services, has extended its partnership with Mastercard.

Some Mastercard cardholders already were seeing some benefits from the company, but the announcement pinpoints two new offers:

  • World and World Elite cardholders who are new to DashPass will get a free three-month membership. DashPass is DoorDash’s subscription program which provides unlimited free delivery and reduced service fees from thousands of restaurants, grocery and convenience stores on orders over $12.
  • All DashPass members, new and existing, will automatically get a $5 discount on their first two orders each month when paying with a World or World Elite card.

HelloFresh Benefit

HelloFresh has become famous for its meal-in-a-box subscription service that brings all the ingredients you need to cook a meal right to your doorstep.

The new partnership with Mastercard will include offering the following:

  • World and World Elite cardholders will get 5% back on each HelloFresh purchase that can be used toward future HelloFresh orders.
  • In addition, new customers receive a discount on their first few orders.

Lyft Benefit

Popular ridesharing app Lyft has renewed its agreement as a partner with Mastercard.

Here’s what the announcement included for Lyft users:

  • World and World Elite cardholders will automatically receive a $5 credit for every three rides taken in a calendar month. The credit will be automatically applied to the next ride, capped at one per month.

Fandango Benefit

You may know Fandango as a mainstay for buying movie theater tickets, but it also has a market share in the digital movie rental arena.

  • World Elite cardholders will now receive a $5 Fandango reward for future Fandango purchases for every $20 spent on digital movie rentals as well as movie ticket purchases.

ShopRunner Benefit

A membership with ShopRunner can enhance online shopping by offering free two-day shipping and free returns at more than 100 retailers.

American Express already offers this service for free as a benefit for many of its cardholders, and the Mastercard announcement indicates it is doing the same:

  • World and World Elite cardholders are provided free ShopRunner membership, valued at $79 per year, which provides free two-day shipping and free returns from over 100+ retailers.

Final Thoughts

This is a no-cost win for people carrying the Mastercard World or World Elite cards.

While these benefits aren’t likely to sway your decision when considering a new credit card in 2021, they are potentially useful for plenty of existing cardholders.

Consumers using food delivery, online retail and ride-sharing are on the rise. Partnering with these kinds of companies is a sign that Mastercard is trying to adapt its benefits package to better suit the modern consumer.

Money expert Clark Howard always warns against overvaluing a small credit card benefit when compared to the long-term merits of the card. So make sure you’re making your decisions based on things like APR, fees and purchase protections.

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