Every American Express cardholder needs to know about this new security feature


American Express has rolled out a new feature to give customers peace of mind if they misplace their credit card.

In an email to customers, Amex said that cardholders can now freeze their card online if it’s ever misplaced. The action will limit the use of the card until you’re able to find it.

How exactly would this new tool be useful? Here’s an example…

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New feature: How to freeze your American Express credit card

Let’s say that you leave your Amex card after paying a restaurant tab. You call the restaurant when you get home, which says it’ll hold your card. With this feature, you can freeze your card until you’re able to go pick it up.

Here’s what American Express’ FAQ page says about when you should consider freezing your credit card:

If you can’t find your Card, freeze it to help protect your account and give yourself peace of mind while you look for it. Once you find it, unfreezing is quick and easy. If you don’t find it, you can always replace your Card online. If you think fraudulent activity may have occurred on your Card, please contact us immediately.

When your Amex is frozen, it can’t be used for new purchases. However, recurring bills will post to your account and it can still be used for digital wallet transactions, plus some online purchases where your information is on file.

Your card will be unfrozen automatically seven days after you freeze it, but you can unfreeze it before then at AmericanExpress.com.

Of course, if you think your Amex has been lost or stolen, order a replacement card online. American Express says you should contact them immediately if you think fraudulent activity has occurred.

To freeze or unfreeze your card, log in to your Amex account, click “Account Services” and select “Freeze Your Card.”


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