Citi Adds New Bonuses for Select Credit Cards


Citi recently made some adjustments to the bonus structure of two popular credit cards that should please cardholders.

New bonus structures for the Citi Premier Card and the Citi Prestige® Credit Card are aimed at better aligning rewards with their cardholders’ spending habits that may have changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The changes include bigger bonuses for spending in categories like restaurants and supermarkets.

Citi explained the decision in a recent statement shared with Team Clark:

“During this unprecedented time, we have been actively engaging with cardholders to better understand their evolving needs and spending habits. And with online sales having increased significantly in recent months accompanied by an uptick in spend on essentials, we want to ensure that our cards are continuing to provide cardholders with value where needed most.”

Citi Adds Bonus Categories for Premier and Prestige Cardholders

Citi has updated ThankYou® Points bonuses for both the Premier ($95 annual fee) and Prestige ($495 annual fee) cards.

These points, which are based on dollars spent in a certain category, are awarded based on a multiplier system. The base reward is 1 point per dollar spent.

Here’s a look at the changes you can expect from each of these rewards cards:

Citi Premier Card Bonus Changes

Citi Premier cardholders are now getting better rewards for both restaurant and supermarket spending. And though Citi originally planned to roll out these benefits in August 2020, the company expedited the release to June 2 for existing cardholders.

The biggest points jump in this realignment is the supermarket shopping category.

Citi has bumped up the ThankYou® Points bonus for purchases at qualifying stores up to 3 points per dollar spent. That’s a new spending category for this card. These purchases previously earned only 1 point per dollar as a part of the “all other purchases” category.


Restaurant spending, which includes takeout purchases, has also increased to 3 points per dollar, up from 2 points in the previous bonus alignment.

Not all rewards have gone up, though. Under the new structure entertainment purchases, which includes things like sporting events, movie theaters and concerts, have been downgraded from 2 points per dollar to 1 point.

Here’s a look at the new points multiplier plan for the Citi Premier card:

Citi has released a chart of new benefits for Premier credit card holders.

Per Citi, “There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn and your points don’t expire with this card.”

Citi Prestige Credit Card Bonus Changes

Citi Prestige cardholders are now getting 5 ThankYou® Points per $1 spent on all online purchases. This promotion runs only through August 31, 2020. The rewards are capped at 7,500 ($1,500 in spending) and are automatically applied to the accounts of cardholders who signed up by May 22.

Citi says examples of eligible purchases include:

  • Retailer website orders
  • Online grocery orders
  • Online drugstore orders

This bonus comes in addition to a change Citi previously announced for the Prestige card: It applies supermarket and restaurant purchase points toward the card’s $250 travel credit. That’s effective through the end of the year.

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