2 Popular Chase Credit Cards Offer Increased Welcome Bonuses

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Are you looking to add a new rewards credit card to your wallet?

Chase has a couple of new, limited-time welcome bonus offers you may want to consider. They could net you up to $900 back and the cards have no annual fee.

The catch? They’re for two cards featured in the “Chase Ink” line of business credit cards.

That may sound restrictive, but there’s a chance that you can qualify for a business credit card even if you’re not the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the new offers on the Chase cards and give you a little refresher on who qualifies for a business credit card.

The card_name and card_name are considered among the best small business credit cards on the market.

And they’re both offering a great welcome bonus to get you on board.

For a limited time, you can earn $900 in bonus cash back by spending at least $6,000 in the first three months from account opening. This offer applies to either card.

This potential $900 in bonus earnings ranks it among some of the top credit cards offering at least $500 to sign up. And it does so without an annual fee. Many of the cards that offer welcome bonuses this large come with annual fees that can range from $95 all the way to $695.

So what’s the difference in these two Chase Ink Business cards?


The Ink Business Cash focuses on cash back bonuses that allow you to earn up to 5% cash back on select purchases. Meanwhile, The Ink Business Unlimited offers the chance to earn an unlimited 1.5% cash back on all your business spending.

You can read the details on each rewards program here:

Chase Ink Business Cash® Credit Card

Chase Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card

Who Qualifies for a Business Credit Card?

You may be wondering if you should apply for a business credit card. After all, there are more than 30 million small businesses in America that could qualify to use one.

You might be surprised to find out that almost anyone who runs a business can meet the requirements to apply for a business credit card.

Whether you’re running a sole proprietorship as a form of additional income or have a corporation with a large staff, you are likely a candidate for a business credit card.

The requirements to qualify may vary by card issuer, but generally these types of businesses should be eligible:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Corporation

So, for most, the primary question isn’t whether your business type qualifies for a business credit card. Instead, the question is whether a business credit card creates any value in your unique situation.

The answer may not be “yes,” as business cards are sometimes inferior to personal credit cards on things like rewards programs and interest rate practices.

You can read more about business credit cards and why money expert Clark Howard cautions against them in many cases here.

Do you have a business? Have you signed up for a business credit card? Is this new Chase offer enticing enough to lure you in? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the Clark.com community!

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