Capital One Unveils New Travel Rewards for Popular Credit Cards

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If you have a Capital One credit card in your wallet, there’s a good chance that you may have some new travel rewards perks to enjoy.

Capital One recently announced that it will open Capital One Travel benefits to all rewards cardholders with the promise of a new, potentially useful cash back offer for using the portal to purchase travel.

Let’s take a look at the details.

Capital One Opens Travel Rewards Program to Popular Cards

Capital One announced May 17, 2022, that it will extend its Capital One Travel program to all Capital One rewards cardholders.

And it also announced that all rewards cardholders who book their travel with eligible cards will receive unlimited 5% cash back on hotels and rental cars booked on the portal.

Cards that already were eligible for Capital One Travel include:

  • Venture X
  • Venture
  • VentureOne
  • Spark Miles
  • Spark Miles Select
  • Capital One Walmart Rewards

Cards that should have access to the portal soon include:

  • Savor
  • SavorOne
  • Spark Cash
  • Quicksilver
  • QuicksilverOne
  • Student credit cards

More from Capital One on this decision:

This expansion allows even more of our customers to earn and redeem rewards via Capital One Travel and enjoy flexibility, unique features like price alerts, price drop protection, cancel your flight for any reason, and our best prices when booking travel. 

Savor, Quicksilver, Spark Cash, and Student product suites’ access to Capital One Travel is rolling out soon. These customers will be able to earn elevated rewards on May 17. 

When booking through Capital One Travel, cash rewards cardholders can redeem rewards at a 1-to-1 ratio. $1 earned in cash rewards is worth $1 towards a travel booking. We are excited that this is another opportunity for us to continue to provide our customers with even more value and reward them for the things they love doing — like travel.

What Is Capital One Travel and How Does It Work?

You may be a Capital One cardholder excited about the announcement that you get to use this portal and you get 5% cash back for booking your travel with your credit card company.

But you may also be a little skeptical about what this is, exactly. And I don’t blame you. Let’s ease those concerns a bit.


Capital One Travel is an online portal where you can shop, compare and book travel with more than 200 airlines, 2 million hotel properties and nearly 200 rental car companies, according to Capital One.

This system is similar to the travel rewards programs offered by competitors Chase (Ultimate Rewards) and Citi (Thank You rewards).

You can use Capital One rewards points or miles to pay for your travel, and some credit cards offer bonus redemption options for using your points this way.

Capital One also offers both price match and price drop protection policies, which can ease your mind if you spot a better deal on a travel website such as Expedia or Priceline.

Capital One Travel information
Capital One Travel marketing

You can read more information about the Capital One Travel program here.

More Capital One Announcements

Capital One made two other updates effective May 17, 2022.

  • The early spend bonus for the Venture Rewards credit card will be 75,000 miles after $4,000 in spending within three months of account opening. (It previously was 60,000 bonus miles once you spent $3,000 on purchases within the first three months.)
  • Capital One also is launching a new partnership with Turo for the next year. According to the company, “Starting May 17, 2022, Venture X cardholders will earn 10X miles and Venture cardholders will earn 5X miles when booking through the Turo app or on (through May 16, 2023). This first-of-its-kind partnership will automatically enable eligible cardholders to earn enhanced rewards when booking through the world’s leading peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace with their Venture X or Venture card.”

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