Capital One Cardholders Now Receive Free Admission to Museums and More

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If you have a Capital One credit card in your wallet, you may find that you have some new perks available to you.

Thanks to the Capital One Dining and Capital One Entertainment programs that were launched in 2022, many of the card issuer’s rewards credit card members will enjoy a variety of benefits this summer.

One of the top perks includes free access to world-renowned museums including the Guggenheim, the Louvre and the Met.

These benefits are available to cardholders of popular Capital One credit card brands such as the Savor and Venture lines. You’ll want to check your specific card information to ensure you qualify, though.

Let’s look at some of the new perks now available.

Capital One is giving all credit cardholders a complimentary six-month membership to The Cultivist, which provides free access to many of the world’s famous museums.

While there are a number of new benefits that may interest a variety of cardholders, this one stuck out to me because it’s a truly free perk that could provide you with some real value on your next vacation. This trial membership has a retail value of $240.

Cardholders who opt in will receive a complimentary subscription to “The Enthusiast” package from The Cultivist, which gives you access to more than 100 museums worldwide. This will provide free entrance to the museum of your choice for the cardholder and up to three guests at most locations.

The museums are located in major cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris, Berlin and London among others.

A sampling of the museums on the approved list for this pass:

  • Museum of Modern Art (San Francisco and New York)
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Louvre (Paris)
  • Musee d’Orsay (Paris)
  • Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam)
  • The National Gallery (London)
  • Guggenheim Museum (New York)
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

You can review the full list of included museums. And you can read more about The Cultivist here.

More Information on This Perk

This offer sounds great, but I want you to know the details and potential downfalls before diving in.

So I read through the fine print and pulled out some information to consider before you sign up for The Cultivist through Capital One’s promotion.

  • Entrance policy and reservations may matter. While your experience will be free of charge at any of the participating museums, you’ll need to do a little pre-visit work to ensure your visit goes smoothly. For some of the museums, all you’ll need to do is show the pass provided by The Cultivist upon arrival to receive wait-free admittance. Others, however, require that you give at least 24 hours notice to get ticketed admittance. It’s also worth checking in advance with the museum to make sure that there is not an event happening on the day of your planned visit that may prohibit or restrict “normal” visitors. This pass likely doesn’t give you special privileges to circumvent those events.
  • You’ll be charged $40 per month if you don’t cancel. While the first six months of this membership are complimentary, you will be subject to charges if you don’t manually opt out of it at the conclusion of your free access period. The official policy, including contact information for cancellation: “The complimentary membership subscription will begin on the date of enrollment and will expire one hundred eighty (180) days following that date, at which point your membership subscription will continue and your payment method on file will be automatically charged at $40/month or the then-current rate for the ‘Enthusiast’ level of membership unless cancelled earlier in accordance with applicable terms and conditions, including The Cultivist’s standard Membership Agreements. Cancellation can occur at any time by emailing [email protected]
  • You can pay for additional experiences. While the best part of this perk is the free admission, you may find that you want to pay for a customized experience at select museums. Capital One cardholders are offered on-demand art access opportunities here.

Other Cardholder Perks From Capital One’s ‘Summer Experiences

If you’re not into art, don’t worry. There’s more than just free museum admission on the table for.

Capital One unveiled a variety of other perks available as part of its” Summer Experiences” for cardholders. These include culinary, music and sports events.

While most of these experiences are not free of charge, many of them include discounts exclusive to Capital One cardholders or the option to use credit card rewards points to claim them. And, in some instances, the events are exclusive to cardholders.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s available,

Culinary Opportunities

  • “Jose & Friends” Dining Series: These are cardholder-only dinners around the country that are prepared by famous chefs, including José Andrés, Michael Tusk, Dominique Crenn and Karen Akunowicz.
  • Capital One & MICHELIN Guide Destination” Dining Series: This series has events scheduled for New York City, Miami and Washington, D.C., in the coming weeks. These are opportunities for cardholders to grab exclusive reservations for themed Scandinavian, Korean and Mexican cuisine meals from Michelin-rated chefs.
  • New York City Wine & Food Festival: Cardholders can experience this fan-favorite food festival and redeem their rewards for cardholder-only perks at the festival, including early entry, discounts and exclusive events with world-renowned chefs. The event is October 13-16 in New York City.

You can find more information on the culinary experiences here.

Sports and Music Opportunities

  • Major League Baseball: All Capital One rewards cardholders can redeem their rewards for MLB tickets, including cardholder exclusive tickets, to games for all 30 teams, All-Star Week, MLB Postseason and the World Series on Capital One Entertainment. Specifically for All-Star Week, which will be held in Los Angeles in July, there are VIP experiences available for the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium.
  • iHeartRadio Festival: Cardholders can redeem their rewards for ticket packages that include a Capital One Access Pass for a private soundcheck performance by featured performer Avril Lavigne. This festival, which will take place September 23-24 in Las Vegas, is set to include performances by Halsey, Luke Combs, The Black Keys, Nicki Minaj, Maren Morris, Lionel Richie, Sam Smith and more.

You can find more information on the sports and music experiences here.

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