Is Your Credit Card’s App Any Good? New Report Ranks Best of 2022

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Does your credit card have a user-friendly app and website?

We spend a lot of time talking about rewards programs, interest rates and special perks associated with credit cards, but the card issuer’s website and mobile app are becoming an increasingly important consideration in 2022.

With paperless billing and payment options now the preferred (and sometimes required) transaction method for your credit card, having a website and/or mobile app that are highly functional and easy to use is a must.

J.D. Power, which is a leading U.S. consumer insights firm, recognizes this as a key function for credit card customers in 2022.

The findings in its latest research on credit card consumer behavior revealed that some major card issuers are handling these areas better than others. Let’s take a look at some of that data.

2022 J.D. Power Credit Card App Rankings

Many credit card users are increasingly comfortable with the concept of paying bills and checking balances on their cellphones, so having a good mobile app to conduct your business may be a factor that ranks pretty high on your list as you apply.

Discover, which recently was praised by money expert Clark Howard for introducing a free Online Privacy Protection benefit, topped J.D. Power’s list for overall customer satisfaction.

From Discover’s mobile app, customers can manage that privacy protection benefit, access free FICO scores and easily redeem cash back rewards from the mobile app. Team Clark has recommended the Discover it® Cash Back card as a viable option as a cash back credit card thanks to a rotating 5% cash back perk and a strong welcome bonus offer.

Top Scores for Overall Customer Satisfaction: Card Mobile Apps

  1. Discover (876)
  2. Capital One (875)
  3. Bank of America (868)
  4. American Express (865)
  5. Chase (864)
  6. Barclays (860)
  7. Wells Fargo (860)
  8. Citi (848)
  9. U.S. Bank (840)
  10. Credit One Bank (820)
  11. Synchrony Bank (809)

Note: USAA, which is a bank that services military members and their families, scored 876 among responses received. It was not eligible for ranking because of the study’s criteria, as each brand needed to have at least 4 million active accounts to be included in the study.

The J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Credit Card Mobile App Satisfaction Study collected feedback from 3,252 credit card app users, measuring the level of satisfaction among cardmembers who had their primary credit card issuer’s app installed on their smartphone and had used the app in the previous 30 days.


Areas of evaluation included visual appeal, information, content, speed and navigation.

2022 J.D. Power Credit Card Website Rankings

If you’re not into doing your credit card business on your wireless phone, you may instead find the credit card website rankings useful.

J.D. Power conducted a customer satisfaction study on these as well.

And Discover also found itself atop those rankings, beating out Bank of America, American Express, Capital One and Chase. USAA, which did not qualify for these rankings either, would have placed second on the list had it been included.

Top Scores for Online Credit Card Overall Satisfaction: Card Issuer Websites

  1. Discover (864)
  2. Bank of America (853)
  3. American Express (851)
  4. Capital One (851)
  5. Chase (851)
  6. U.S. Bank (838)
  7. Barclays (834)
  8. Wells Fargo (833)
  9. Citi (826)
  10. Credit One Bank (813)
  11. Synchrony Bank (798)

Note: USAA scored 856 in this category among responses received but was not eligible for ranking because of the study’s criteria.

The J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Online Credit Card Satisfaction Study surveyed 3,295 U.S. residents who had an online account set up with their primary credit card to access from a computer and had used the primary credit card’s website in the previous 30 days.

The websites were evaluated in categories that included visual appeal, information, content, speed and navigation. 

Final Thoughts

Mobile apps and websites have become an important part of the credit card user experience. There’s a good chance that credit card holders will need to access their issuer’s app or website at least a handful of times each billing cycle.

While it’s not as important as securing a card with a good interest rate or solid rewards program, knowing that you’ll be able to conduct your virtual business with ease is worth something.

Discover appears to have won the favor of its userbase with the top scores for both app and website usage, but it’s also worth noting that American Express, Bank of America and Capital One also rated out positively.


USAA, which Clark usually points eligible customers to for the potential of low interest rates on credit cards and loans, would have ranked second on both lists if eligible for inclusion.

On the flip side, Synchrony Bank was at the bottom of both lists. That could be a red flag if you’re considering one of its many credit card offerings. Synchrony is responsible for the PayPal Cashback Mastercard® and Sam’s Club® Mastercard®, as well as a host of store credit cards.

How would you rate your credit card’s app and website? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the Community.

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