American Express Offers $50 Back for Small Business Purchases


Many American small businesses are struggling right now because of the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s heartrending. But you can help — and get rewarded for doing so!

From now until September 20, 2020, American Express has an offer that will pad your wallet if you spend money at select small businesses in your community.

How to Earn $50 Back From American Express With Small Business Spending

American Express is offering up to $50 in statement credit through its Shop Small program.

It does require a little work, though. You’ll have to earn the $50 credit in $5 increments through transactions you make at approved businesses.

Here’s how it works:

1. Enroll Your Eligible Amex Card

You’ll need to enroll your eligible American Express card with Shop Small by July 26, 2020.

It took me just a few seconds to enroll once I clicked the Shop Small link. It was no trouble at all.

Once you’re logged into your Amex account, you just have to click “Add to Card” on the linked Amex offer: The Shop Small offer can be redeemed easily by logging into your Amex account.

2. Use the Shop Small Map to Locate Small Businesses

To receive Amex credit for your purchase, the small business where you’re shopping must be qualified for the program. You can use the Shop Small Map to locate eligible small businesses. You can search by business name or by location.


Here’s a sample search using Atlanta as the shopping area:

The Shop Small map functon helps locate eligible small businesses.

3. Spend at Least $10 With an Approved Small Business

Once you’ve located your approved businesses, it’s time to shop. If you spend more than $10 on a single transaction, you’ll get a $5 statement credit on a future Amex bill.

It is important to note that this transaction must be completed directly with the small business, whether that be through its website, app or physical location. You can’t get credit for a small business purchase if you shop through a non-eligible third party.

Amex also rules out the following transactions as non-qualifying purchases:

  • Fees or interest charges
  • Balance transfers
  • Purchases of traveler’s checks
  • Cash advances
  • Purchases or reloading of prepaid cards
  • Purchases of any cash equivalents or purchases made in foreign currencies

4. Do This 10 Times Before the Promotion Ends

American Express caps the reward at $5 per transaction, but it will allow you to take advantage of it 10 times. So you can earn up to $50 if you make 10 transactions of $10 or more at approved businesses.

Depending on the total of each transaction, that could be as much as $50 in statement credit for as little as $100 spent. That’s effectively half-off! Of course, in this scenario, you may want to spend more to support your community during these trying times.

You have until September 20, 2020, to take advantage of this offer. The statement credits will appear on your account within 90 days of the end of the promotion.

Final Thoughts

This is a nice incentive that adds to the rewards you’re already receiving with your Amex card.

While the $5 increments are a little discouraging, there is plenty of time to earn the whole $50 in statement credits. And with the automated redemption process, all you have to do once you’re enrolled is to spend your money.


Small businesses need our support right now, and this is a great incentive for Amex cardholders to get involved.

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