USPS plans to stop most Saturday delivery


I have long broached the topic of reducing mail delivery from six days a week to five days. My discussion has historically brought up a lot of emotions in listeners.

As it stands now, the USPS has a plan in place to stop Saturday delivery of first-class mail as of Aug. 1, 2013. The proposal would still allow for delivery of packages, mail-order medicines, priority, and express mail on Saturday.

While the USPS receives no tax dollars, it would need congressional approval to reduce mail delivery. That’s insane. Congress needs to butt out of this issue. . .

The fact is that the United States Postal Service is no longer as relevant as it once was. Technology has moved on with online bill pay and e-mail.

I find it convenient to pay bills online. I love that there’s a record of receipt. Compare that to putting a 46-cent stamp on an envelope and mailing it. What are you going to do if the company says your bill is late? There’s no trail.

I’m not saying there’s no need for a postal service. But choices have to be made by any company when you don’t have enough money, right? The Postal Service is facing a $15.9 billion deficit.

Delivery six days a week just seems silly and antiquated. Going to five days a week would not be a tragedy.

Maybe a market-based solution would work. If Congress is so sure that we all want mail six days each week, why not set up a system so that recipients can pay a fee for that level of delivery?

Perhaps we might be given three days of delivery a week for absolutely free. But you would have to pay for any extra delivery service above that. There’s a thought!

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