Toys R Us irks Black Friday shoppers


Toys R Us has been irritating Black Friday shoppers with some very customer unfriendly practices.

According to a report from, the toy retailer has been cancelling orders and not answering the phone on their customer service line.

Unsurprisingly, their Facebook page has been blowing up with complaints because of the shenanigans.

Apparently what happened is they sold more items during Black Friday weekend at special prices than they intended. Now they’re not honoring the original price when people go in to pick up the items. But a deal is a deal.

Just look at the Toys R Us Facebook page to see the consequences on not honoring what you say. Best Buy pulled a similar move last year. They’ve never recovered in the marketplace.

How hard is it to remember that you treat people right? A key tenet of that is to serve the customer. But doing what Toys R Us did…how is that a winning strategy?!

Clark Deals
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