What the big tech companies know about you in one scary image

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If a stranger walked up to you and asked you for your name, marital status and place of employment, you might have second thoughts about engaging with them. You may even be offended. But that information — and much more — is exactly what millions of us have given to various tech companies with nary a second thought.

In addition to the info you enter when you sign up to join these platforms, you typically agree to their respective privacy policies, effectively giving them the OK to snoop on much of your daily life.

Here’s what the tech companies know about you

Platforms like Google, Facebook and the like have offered their services for what we have long assumed was free. But the price — our personal data — is becoming increasingly clear.
The big problem is that many of these tech companies have not been great stewards of our information. If they were, we simply wouldn’t be hearing about so many data breaches affecting companies like Google and Facebook.
The breadth of information that these companies have on us can truly be appreciated through a visual representation, like this excellent (and terrifying) infographic from consumer-focused site Security Baron.
Courtesy of: Security Baron

How to keep your data safe online

  • Change your password: If you are using the same password on multiple platforms, now’s a good time to switch it up. Here are some tips on picking a strong password.
  • Make sure your wireless network is secure: There are only two places where Clark uses Wi-Fi.
  • Enable two-factor authentication: Put in place an extra layer of security in addition to just inputting your username and password to access an account. If you use an Apple device, use Touch ID.
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