Lyft, First National Bank want the right to robocall you


Here’s yet another case of companies behaving badly. Two big companies have both announced new terms of service that raise concerns about the possibility of unlimited spam texts and robocalls bombarding customers.

Following in the footsteps of PayPal

Some months ago, PayPal changed their TOS to hit you with robocalls. Of course, they were forced to back down. Now Lyft wants the same right to robocall you. You can opt out, but by doing so you also opt out of using Lyft, according to The Washington Post! Meanwhile, First National Bank has made the same move as Lyft in its TOS.

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Here’s the reality: First National and Lyft will both do harm to their reputations, get slapped by legal authorities like the FCC and ultimately have to back down. So why do they do this to themselves?

Why do the people in charge think it’s a great idea to harass you with robocalls and endless ads delivered by text? That really tells you something about the culture of the companies.

As consumers, we have a right to vote with our feet. But on this one, listen to me in the executive suite…how would you like it if you were endlessly robocalled or spammed?

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