How To Make Sure the Files That Are Kept On You Are Accurate


Many of us are aware of the need to review our credit reports from the three major credit bureaus every year. But not as many know about the importance of checking out our other consumer files, as well.

Private companies compile background screening reports on you that may be pulled in order to assess you for a number of activities, like when you apply for a job, lease a vehicle, rent an apartment and even take out an insurance policy. As creepy as this may sound, you have a right to see these reports that contain your personal information.

Employment, Banking and More: How To Request Different Reports

The Federal Trade Commission says nearly 90% of consumers with credit reports don’t even check their files, which are free to access once a year. When it comes to background screening reports, errors could be hindering your efforts to accomplish some major milestones in your life.

Because companies that screen your background for eligibility pertaining to housing, employment and the like are considered credit reporting agencies under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), background screening reports are basically “consumer reports,” which entitle you to a number of rights.

Employment Screening Report

If a job candidate is penalized due to something negative on their background screening report, by law, that information must be disclosed to them. But by then, it’s too late. Check your employment screening report before you apply for a job.

How to pull your report: IntelliCorp screens prospective job candidates for companies. Go to and request a report or call 866-202-1436. Another screening firm is Call them at 866-521-6995.

Tenant Screening Report

If you are trying to rent an apartment, you’ll be asked to fill out an application. A management company will typically pull a number of consumer reports. You should ask for the consumer reporting company’s name so you can contact them to make sure your file is accurate. A tenant screening report with errors on it can negatively affect your ability to qualify for housing. Landlords can also enforce harsh conditions like 12 months of rent in advance and the like.

How to pull your report: Call CoreLogic Rental Propert Solutions at 888-333-2413. You can also request the report online at Contemporary Information Corp. (CIC) is another company that does tenant screening. Request your report at or call 800-288-4757 (Option 5).

Medical Specialty Report

You also have a medical specialty report, which life and health insurance companies use to assess risk when assigning you a policy. With your authorization, your medical conditions — and even the risky hobbies you engage in, like bungee jumping — are all included in there.

How to pull your report: Go to or call 866-692-6901. If you haven’t applied for life or health insurance in the last seven years, you won’t have an MIB Consumer File.

Subprime Lending Report

If you have applied for a payday loan, used check-cashing services or done any rent-to-own transactions, you may have a Subprime Lending Report.

How to pull your report: Go to or call 866-390-3118. You can also get a report from Equifax-owned DataX by going to or calling 800-295-4790.

Personal Property Insurance Report

Because you want the lowest rate possible, it’s a good idea to fact-check your specialty insurance report before you start searching for insurance. Your personal property insurance report goes back seven years and lists the personal property and auto losses that you’ve filed claims for.


How to pull your report: Go to or call 866-312-8076. You’ll only have a report if you’ve filed a claim within the last seven years.

Check and Bank Screening Report

If you’ve ever tried to open a bank account and been denied, you may want to review your check and bank screening report(s) and dispute them if inaccurate. This applies especially if you are about to open a new bank and/or checking account.

How to get your free report: Contact C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange), which collects and reports information on insurance coverage. Go to, which is affiliated with C.L.U.E., or call 866-312-8076. If you have not filed a claim against your auto or property insurance policy in the last 7 years, you will likely receive a clear report. You can also get a report and request a security freeze from ChexSystems.

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