How To Opt Out of PayPal and eBay’s New TOS That Could Spam You


On the eve of their planned split, ebay and PayPal have announced new terms of service for both sites that have raised concerns about the possibility of unlimited spam texts and robocalls bombarding customers.

New terms of service are coming

The new terms of service go into effect June 15 for eBay and July 1 for PayPal. Unfortunately, a provision in the terms that calls for ‘the right to use ‘autodialed or prerecorded calls and text messages’ to collect debts, or send surveys or promotions’ has drawn the ire of state and federal regulators, according to The Wall Street Journal.

PayPal, for what it’s worth, has downplayed all the brouhaha. ‘We value our relationship with you and have no intention of harassing you,’ the company wrote in a blog dated June 5. ‘Our contacts with you are intended to benefit our relationship.  For example, we may contact you as part of our fraud prevention efforts to keep your PayPal accounts safer and more secure.’

But here’s the good news: You can tell both eBay and PayPal to lay off. Sign in to your account and at the very bottom of the screen is a tiny button that says ‘privacy’ or ‘privacy center.’ Click on it. Then at bottom of the next screen, look for a blue button that says ‘contact privacy.’ That will take you to a form that asks for your name, email, and question or comment. Fill it out and then submit it. You’ll get back a response that acknowledges your request.

Doing this lets these companies know how out of line they are! All this kind of foolishness does is tarnish a corporate reputation. I think within hours or days they will be forced to rescind the questionable parts of the new TOS. But we’ll see…

Clark Deals
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