3 things to know about Google’s new privacy and security features

After public outcry in response to high-profile data breaches and the Facebook data scandal, tech companies are finally starting to understand that users are and will make decisions based on how safe they feel their information is.
A joint SurveyMonkey/Recode poll in April showed that Facebook and Google were #1 and #2 when it came to the least-trusted major tech companies in the United States. The results, among other things, indicated that Silicon Valley had lost the confidence of many of its users.
To that end, Google is rolling out new and easier ways for users to control their privacy and security, the company said this week. The feature is available now to all Android users and will come to Apple and the web later this year.
The goal of all this is “to make it even easier to review and control this data,” Google Product Manager Jan Hannemann said in a blog post Thursday. Here’s what’s new in your Android Google account:

Here are 3 of Google’s new privacy & security features

1. Search functionality for privacy settings

The new privacy features the company debuted late last year are all housed on Google’s My Account page. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a Search icon, which will make it that much easier to find the settings that you’re seeking.

2. Security alerts

One of the main innovations in the new settings is that Google will send you notices when they detect not only suspicious activity, but when they find something you can do to improve your security.
“For example, we might suggest you remove your account from old devices you’re no longer using or remove unverified apps you had granted access to your account data,” Hannemann said.

3. A dedicated support section

When you have a problem now, you’ll be able to use the Ask a community expert feature, which will pair you with people who have the same device as you. The section will also have tips and advice on how to perform common tasks like upgrading your account.

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