Couple’s engagement announcement reveals too much on social media


Social media gets any message out to all your family and friends quickly. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. 

One couple found that out the hard way.

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In a Facebook post one woman posted a photo of her and her fiance as she brandished her ring finger.

‘I am truly blessed today as the love of my life has asked me to marry him. Words cannot express how happy I feel and how lucky I am. He wasn’t able to give me a real ring yet, but what matters is what’s on the inside. I know that we were will be happy together, regardless of material things. Be on the look out for save-the-dates!’ she wrote.


The photo shows the happy couple on a couch with excited expressions.

Couple's engagement announcement reveals too much on social media

But it’s what was in the corner of the photo that got people talking.

‘Is that what I think it is in the corner?’ one person commented.

A closer look shows an opened box for a pregnancy test.

‘Well, I guess what’s on ‘the inside’ really does matter,’ another commenter wrote.


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One man, presumably her father, even posted, ‘Honey, you should call us. Your mother is confused.’

The woman must not have realized the pregnancy test was also in the photo because she voiced confusion about why everyone was asking if she’s pregnant.

Eventually, she saw what everyone else had seen.

‘Oh,’ the woman posted. ‘Hey, we’re having a baby too.’

Couple's engagement announcement reveals too much on social media


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