Why you should change your Mint.com and other budgeting account passwords


If you use Mint.com or a similar type of software’s personal budgeting tools, money expert Clark Howard says you may want to change your password right away!

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Is your Mint.com password safe? Follow Clark’s advice

On the radio show, Clark told a caller named Kurt to use a different password on Mint.com than the password for any other financial institution: bank, brokerage firm, credit union, etc.

“If a criminal hacks into your Mint account and you use a common password, they know everything you’ve got at that point,” Clark said.

Listen to Clark’s advice for Kurt on the Clark Howard Show Podcast

Remembering different passwords is difficult. That’s why Clark likes Dashlane, a free digital password manager that securely tracks your passwords so you don’t forget them again.

And when you’re creating passwords, add length and complexity — the more unique, the harder they are to hack.

“If you’re using the same password on different financial sites, you’re at risk,” Clark said. “I go further and use a different password on every financial institution that I use.”

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