Aerial drones pose threat to privacy


Better look out, you never know who’s spying on you with a little camera flying above your yard!

The San Francisco Chronicle  reports that a new law signed by President Obama opens the gate for aerial drones that could be equipped with high-definition cameras or other spying devices for use by police and businesses.

I’m anticipating that these unmanned aerial vehicles, which can be purchased at any common electronics store, will be assembled and outfitted with cameras by paparazzi. Can you imagine? I think it’s creepy that the law allows an unlimited amount of snooping.

This is just plain wrong. And I’ve got nothing to hide! You could send all the little helicopters you want to my yard and I wouldn’t care. But the idea of unfettered, unlimited access is one I can’t get my arms around.

Back when the Constitution was written, there was no concept of privacy. In fact, in our country’s very rural days, people would have been glad to have an intrusion of any kind into their lives! They lived far apart from one another with few ways to communicate and craved connection with others. Today, obviously, we live in a very different world.

Congress authorized this unlimited legal spying and they’re out of their minds. Once people start spying on Congressmen and senators at their own homes with these drones, I guess that’s when they’ll realize, “Oops! We made a mistake.”

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