Clark Howard: Consumer Action Center FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions About the CAC (Consumer Action Center)

When is the best time to call?

Usually after 4:30 PM ET Monday through Thursday.

I emailed a question. Why didn’t I hear back?

Only out of state people can email us and we do have a statement on the site to say if we haven’t called you back within 72 hours, please call us at 404.892.8227, or, email us again for another call back appointment. We try very hard to call people back at their designated time, but some people do fall between the cracks. The volunteer usually calls the person and if you are not there, we leave a message if there is an answering machine. If there is not an answering machine, we then try two times during the time requested and if no answer, we then delete the email.

Can I talk to Clark off the air?

No. It would be nice if Clark could talk to each caller but it is impossible due to his busy schedule. Our volunteers are here to answer your question just as Clark would if you were talking with him.