3 Emotional Benefits of Giving


When we think about money, we don’t necessarily think about our emotions. But if we took one look at our money “language” we’d realize emotions have everything to do with our money.

We “love” the things we buy. We “need” the latest gadget. We don’t “feel” like purchasing some things. On and on we use emotional language to describe what we do with our money. But have you ever thought about how giving your money away could make you “feel?”

I’d like to challenge you as we rapidly approach the end of the year, to consider the following emotional benefits of giving.

Here are 3 emotional benefits of giving you can experience this holiday season

1. Giving allows you the benefit of tapping into your passion. By definition, passion is one of the strongest emotional feelings humans experience. Your passion can move you like no other force can and if you dare to connect your money with your passion you will experience a winning combination. Are you passionate about animals? Give to shelters. Are you passionate about women’s issues? Give to organizations that support women’s empowerment. Are you eager to see change in education? Give to organizations that change lives through educational programming. Bottom line, give specifically and exclusively to causes, people, initiatives or organizations that you are passionate about.

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2. Giving promotes a feeling of peace. When you’ve taken the time to give to causes that you are passionate about, an unexpected emotion can emerge—peace. Peace isn’t regularly considered an “emotion,” but who doesn’t enjoy moments of great contentment, stillness, and utter satisfaction? Giving has the potential to take you into that place! When you give your money and kid’s lives are changed, or symphony orchestras are given the resources to perform their music, or villages are given clean water, or affordable housing is built for those in need, or moms are given pre-natal care, or community parks are built, etc., you open yourself up to feel an incredible satisfaction and peace. Stingy people aren’t peaceful, but generous people are full of peace.

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3. Giving enables you to connect with your purpose. Purpose isn’t necessarily thought of as an “emotional” word either, but when you give, you just might find that your giving opens you up to discover true happiness that comes from knowing your life’s purpose. Robert F. Kennedy said, The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better. When we give our money away to people, causes, initiatives, or organizations that we are passionate about, we help contribute to making this world a better place. And many people have discovered that their giving led them directly to their life’s purpose. Pulling out a checkbook or determining to donate online to a cause also pulls your heart in that direction. If you are careful to process your emotions when you give, you may find a present for yourself—your purpose!

I hope that as you think about your end of the year spending, you will also think about the emotions of passion, peace, and purpose that you can experience as you enjoy your end of the year giving!

About the author: Jennifer Keitt is author of the book Shake Up Your Life: 30 Steps to Powerful Brilliant Living. She has earned honors for her contributions to women globally as host and executive producer of The Jennifer Keitt Show and the Today’s Black Woman Radio Show. In addition, Jennifer is a regular television contributor on HLN’s Dr. Drew On Call and is founder of the non-profit Keitt Institute. Visit JenniferKeitt.com for more information.

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