Visible Wireless: Price Drop and New Premium Plan

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If you’re looking for the best deal on an unlimited phone plan, Visible Wireless is definitely worth considering. In August of this year, the prepaid carrier announced a $10 price drop to its classic Visible plan and launched an entirely new premium plan. 

I checked out Visible’s two plans and read the fine print to find out exactly what you can expect when signing up for Visible now as well as what the announcement means for existing Visible customers.

Visible Wireless Now Offers Unlimited for $30 per Month

Since Visible launched in 2018, the prepaid carrier had offered just one phone plan: $40 per month for unlimited talk, text and data. However, on August 17, 2022, Visible began offering two phone plans: Visible and Visible+. 

The basic Visible plan still includes everything it did before, but it’s now available for $30 per month for a single line. 

Here’s what you’ll get for $30 per month with Visible:

  • 5G & 4G LTE coverage on Verizon’s network
  • Unlimited data, talk, text and hotspot
  • Ability to bring your own phone or get a new one
  • No annual contract, taxes or fees
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Option to add a smartwatch for $5 per month

This plan offers all of the same great perks that it previously offered, but now the price has dropped by $10 per month for a single line.

The new price point has earned Visible the title of the cheapest unlimited hotspot plan available at It’s also now one of the cheapest available unlimited data plans.

According to Visible’s website, the average download speeds on this plan are 5-12 Mbps, but many members experience more. When I tried out Visible myself, I saw speeds up to 25 Mbps, though my average download speeds truly were around 10 Mbps.

“The speed you get is in some cases a little slower than you have on mainline Verizon, but generally, it’s very fast,” says money expert Clark Howard about Visible’s basic plan. “You get the 5G network Verizon has, you get the LTE where they don’t have 5G, and we get very few complaints about Visible. It’s a really, really good deal.”

You can learn more about Visible’s network speeds on the company’s website. You can also check out our full Visible review for more information before you switch. 

New Visible+ Plan Offers Premium Data for $45 Per Month

The company has unveiled a new premium plan: Visible+. 


This plan costs $45 per month per line and includes all of the same benefits and perks as the basic Visible plan. Additionally, this plan includes access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network and 50GB of high-speed premium data before unlimited speeds on Verizon’s 4G/LTE and 5G networks.

“In congested core metro areas where Verizon has their ultra-fast 5G network that’s faster than their regular 5G network, you have access to it at $45 per month,” says Clark. “I would not recommend paying the extra $15 unless you’re unhappy with the speed on the $30 per month plan.”

Fortunately, you can switch between the two plans anytime as a new Visible customer. For this reason, we recommend trying out the basic $30 plan first. If it doesn’t meet your download speed needs, then consider moving up to the more expensive plan.

You can read about plan and data service details on Visible’s website. Also, check out our full Visible review for more information on the two new plans.

What About Existing Visible Wireless Customers?

If you’re an existing Visible member, you may be wondering what this announcement means for you. 

If you’re on a single-line account paying $40 per month, you can now get the same plan for $10 less with no changes to the service or features. If you’re already a Visible customer and you’re happy with your current plan, this announcement just means that your total price will drop to $30 per month! You can choose the $30 plan in your account settings and you’ll likely need a new SIM card.

However, if you’re on an existing Visible Party Pay, you may already be getting service for a cheaper rate of $25 per month. Here’s what the new plans mean for you: 

“People that are already on the Visible plan where you pair up with other people and end up paying $25 per month, you’re grandfathered into that $25 per month as long as your group stays together, but that’s no longer going to be offered,” explains Clark. “The $30 per month for an individual is clean, it’s simple, and it’s a real deal.”

Basically, if you’re already getting service for $25 per line, you’ll continue to get the same deal for as long as your Visible Party doesn’t break up.

You can learn more about the Visible Party Pay update on Visible’s website. 

Other Unlimited Prepaid Plans

Thirty dollars per month for unlimited service is an excellent price. In fact, if you’re looking for unlimited mobile data, $30 is going to be hard to beat. 

AT&T Prepaid offers unlimited data with speeds that slow based on congestion for $50 per month with autopay. T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Unlimited costs the same for 50GB of high-speed data while Verizon Prepaid Unlimited costs $65. 


However, other prepaid carriers and MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) do offer great deals on unlimited service that are definitely worth considering. 

Here are a few of my top choices for the most affordable unlimited prepaid phone plans available now, including Visible: 

  • Boost Mobile (Review): $25 per month for unlimited talk, text and data (speeds reduce after 30GB). Check out the details of this new plan here.
  • Mint Mobile (Review): $30 per month for the first three months followed by $40 per month (if you prepay 3 months at a time). Unlimited talk, text and data (speeds reduce after 35GB). 
  • Visible (Review): $30 per month per line with taxes and fees included and no price hikes. The plan includes unlimited talk, text, data (slows during network congestion), and mobile hotspot (speeds limited to 5 Mbps).

For more options, check out our full list of the best unlimited data plans in 2022 under $85 per month.

Other Current Phone Plan Deals and Promotions

While Visible’s new plans aren’t technically deals or promotions (these new plans are here to stay), you may be able to find even more savings by switching to new phone carriers and taking advantage of new customer deals before landing on a long-term solution. 

If you’re currently shopping for a new cell phone plan, be sure to also check out these deals on other carriers: 

Verizon Wireless (Review)For a limited time, new customers can get discounted rates on all unlimited postpaid plans when you bring your own phone. Plans start at $60 for one or $25 per line for four lines.Verizon
Boost Mobile (Review)You can get 10GB of data for $5 (first month only) with Boost Mobile. Boost also offers an unlimited plan for $0.99 for 14 days. Finally, you can get 5GB for $5 per month for the first three months ($15 total).AT&T
Cricket Wireless (Review)New customers can try Cricket with a 14-day free trial including unlimited talk, text and 3GB of high-speed data.AT&T
Twigby (Review)Ten dollars off for the first three months! Plans include unlimited talk, text and 4GB of data starting at $10 per month. 1GB data plans begin as low as $5 per month.Verizon
AT&T Prepaid (Review)Students can get $10 off unlimited data with this online-only offer. Additionally, anyone can get a year of AT&T Prepaid with 16GB of data per month if you prepay a year in advance.AT&T

In addition to these deals, check out our full roundup of more new cell phone plan deals available this month.

For more options, be sure to check out all of our top picks for the best cheap phone plans. You can also see more of our choices for the best overall cell phone plans and deals in 2022.

Have you seen a better deal lately on cell phone service? Let us know in our Community or check out the latest conversations about cell phones.

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