Visible Deal: Get a Year of Unlimited Service for $15 per Month

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For a limited time, Visible is offering a $15 discount to new customers who bring their own phone and port an existing number

In this article, I’ll take a close look at the details of this deal and explain what you can expect from a phone plan with Visible.

Save $15 per Month for 12 Months With a Promo Code at Visible

Visible offers two unlimited plans: Visible ($30) and Visible+ ($45). For a limited time, you can get either plan for $15 off each month. That brings the cost of Visible’s basic unlimited plan to only $15 per month or Visible+ to $30 per month. 

The discount will continue each month that you maintain service for the first 12 months. On the 13th month, your plan will renew at the regular rate. While this discount is available for 12 consecutive months after you sign up, you will not be locked into a contract with Visible. You can still switch plans or providers at any time; you’ll simply forfeit the remaining months’ discounts.

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To get this deal, you’ll have to sign up for Visible and bring your own phone. You’ll also have to port your current phone number to Visible. You can check to see if your phone is compatible with Visible online.

When you sign up for Visible, select either the basic Visible plan or Visible+. Then, during checkout, enter this promo code: 15OFF12. The promo code is case-sensitive, so make sure to capitalize the letters. 

The promo code will work for both physical SIM cards and eSIMs. Once you receive your physical SIM card in the mail or purchase your eSIM, you can set it up immediately to activate your service. 

Since Visible is a prepaid carrier, you’ll be able to see the discount applied immediately to your shopping cart. You won’t have to wait for any billing credits to be applied to your account; instead, you’ll be able to enjoy the savings upfront for 12 consecutive months. The Visible+ plan will drop from $45 to $30, and the standard Visible plan will drop from $30 to $15.

To learn more about this deal, visit Visible’s website. To learn more about switching to Visible, read my full Visible review from testing the service myself.

Visible: An Affordable Prepaid Alternative to Verizon Wireless

Visible is a prepaid cell phone service provider that’s owned by Verizon Wireless. Customers on Visible’s phone plans have access to Verizon Wireless’ network as the carrier runs on the same towers.


Visible offers only two cell phone plans, but they both can be great options for lowering your phone bill. 

Visible’s basic plan typically costs $30 per month with taxes and fees included ($15 per month with the promo code). It comes with unlimited talk, text and data on Verizon’s 5G Nationwide & 4G LTE networks. The plan includes unlimited mobile hotspot data, although speeds are limited to 5 Mbps. It also includes spam protection and unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada. 

Visible+ costs $45 per month, though, with the promo code 15OFF12, you can get the first 12 months for $30 each.

This plan includes everything that Visible’s basic plan includes, but it also provides access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network and includes 50GB of “premium network experience.” That means you’ll have access to faster, more reliable data speeds before deprioritization starts to kick in. Visible+ includes unlimited talk, text and data roaming in Mexico and Canada. It also includes international calling from the U.S. to 30+ countries and international texting from the U.S. to 200+ countries.

In contrast, Verizon Wireless’ postpaid unlimited plans currently begin at $60 per month for one line. You can learn more about the differences between Visible and Verizon Wireless here.

Final Thoughts: Should You Switch?

If you’re wondering whether or not you should take advantage of the $15-off deal and switch to Visible, here’s my recommendation: Check your phone’s compatibility online, make sure you’ll have service in your area by checking Visible’s coverage map, and then give it a try!

I had a great experience testing out Visible myself, and if Verizon has strong service in your area, Visible could be a great way to access those towers for a fraction of the cost. Plus, right now, you can try out Visible for only $15 per month. To get this deal, remember to enter the promo code 15OFF12 during checkout.

Visible is a month-to-month prepaid service, which means you don’t even have to commit to the 12 full months of discounted service when you sign up; you can pay one month at a time! If you do stick with Visible for 12 months of service, you’ll save a total of $180 with this deal!

Plus, if the service works well for you and you end up switching away from a pricier plan, you’ll save even more!

For more options, be sure to read our guide on the best cell phone plans and deals available now. If you do decide to make the switch, check out this guide that Team Clark put together to take you step-by-step through the process of changing carriers. 

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