New Way to Get Cheap Cell Phone Service On Verizon’s Network

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If you’re looking for cell phone service on Verizon’s network at a lower price, there’s a new option coming very soon!

Ting, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that currently partners with Sprint and T-Mobile, says it’s adding service over the Verizon network in 2020.

MVNOs aren’t owned by the Big 4 wireless providers, but they partner with one or more networks to provide service.

Update: Ting Is Adding Verizon as a Network Partner and Keeping T-Mobile

Ting’s current network partners are Sprint and T-Mobile. In July 2019, Ting announced that it was leaving T-Mobile and adding Verizon. But things have changed and Ting says it’s now keeping T-Mobile.

According to Ting, Verizon is being added as a third network partner as soon as possible — perhaps in the first quarter of 2020.

To put it another way, Ting will partner will all of the major networks except AT&T in 2020. However, we are still waiting to find out exactly when customers will get service on Verizon’s network and if current pricing will change.

Ting has a “pay for what you use” model that’s best for people who don’t use their smartphones a lot.

For more details on the rates, I tested out Ting’s bill estimator. My estimated monthly bill was $30 for a single line of service, 500 minutes, 1,000 texts and only 500 MB of high-speed data.

If you want to play around with the bill estimator, here’s a direct link.

Estimated Ting monthly bill of $30 from bill estimator
Ting Rate Estimator

Again, I think Ting is probably best for people who don’t spend all day on their phones.


If you need a cell phone service plan with unlimited talk, text and data, there are other Verizon MVNOs to consider. For example, Verizon-owned Visible offers an unlimited plan for as low as $25 per month with its Party Pay feature. Or, check out our Twigby review to learn about the benefits of this inexpensive Verizon-operated mobile service.

To learn more, see Team Clark’s list of the best cell phone plans and deals right now. It’s updated several times a month!

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