Can You Really Save Money With T-Mobile Tuesdays?


Among all of the phone plans out there, you may have heard of the only wireless provider with a certified day of the week: T-Mobile Tuesdays.

T-Mobile Tuesdays is a promotion and free app that promises “free stuff and great deals” to the phone carrier’s customers. But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

What Is T-Mobile Tuesdays & Is It Worth It?

Because I’m a T-Mobile customer, I downloaded the standalone T-Mobile Tuesdays app to see if it actually saved me money on the things I normally buy.

While I’ve gotten free food and free merchandise from T-Mobile Tuesdays, you may find that many of the deals are not practical. Let me explain:

The first thing you need to know is that many of the discounts and freebies with T-Mobile’s partners require you to log into third-party websites to get the deal.

The T-Mobile Tuesdays app typically features deals across three time periods:

  • Every week deals
  • Next Tuesday deals
  • Extra deals

Every Tuesday, the carrier will send you a notification of the newest bargains available in the app. You’ll see weekly deals, sweepstakes offers and Next Tuesday deals that are not available until the following week.

Can Non-T-Mobile Customers Take Advantage of the Deals?

Because the purpose of T-Mobile Tuesdays is to “thank the customer,” you have to be a T-Mobile subscriber to take advantage of most of the promotions.

However, non-customers can enter the sweepstakes contests and win.

Here’s what T-Mobile says on its website: “During the entry period, typically beginning Tuesday at 5 a.m. ET, any non-customer who is eligible can visit and follow the instructions to register and enter for a chance to win prizes from T-Mobile and our select partners.”


What Types of Deals Are Offered on T-Mobile Tuesdays?

T-Mobile Tuesdays typically offer five types of deals, with two of them being freebie and the rest usually just discounts. Here are some examples of what is typically offered:


Can you really save money with T-Mobile Tuesdays? - discounted concerts

To get an offer code for a concert or live performance, you may have to enter your phone number. At any rate, you can get a discounted price for some concert tickets.

T-Mobile also has a deal with LiveNation in which customers get $25 all-in tickets, which means that taxes and fees are included.

Each code is good for two weeks and is limited to four tickets per performance. When I went to redeem my $25 T-Mobile ticket offer, the music choices in my particular area were Kidz Bop Kids, Breaking Benjamin and Peter Frampton.


Can you really save money with T-Mobile Tuesdays? Deals on MLB tickets

On some Tuesdays, the app will feature $10 off select MLB games. Unfortunately, these games may not feature your favorite team or even be in your city.

Gas Deals

Can you really save money with T-Mobile Tuesdays? 10 cents per gallon at Shell

You could save 10 cents per gallon when filling up at a Shell gas station. Customers who join Shell’s Fuel Rewards program get the savings on gas each week.

Free Food

Free Whopper: Can you really save money from T-Mobile Tuesdays?


Most weeks you’ll find at least one free food offer on the app. For example, there was a free Burger King Whopper deal one week, no purchase necessary. I did have to download the BK app and register.

Every week, there’s also a free food item from Taco Bell. Typically you’ll have to download the restaurant’s app and make an online order.

Free Merchandise

Can T-Mobile Tuesdays really save you money? Free baseball cap

On any particular Tuesday, the company will offer free T-Mobile merchandise for 24 hours. Of course, the free stuff goes fast!

Other discount offers I’ve seen have been from, Auntie Anne’s and Overwatch League.

Can You Really Save Money With T-Mobile Tuesdays?

Yes, you can save money with the T-Mobile app, but there are some caveats. You’ll have to give up some of your personal information.

There’s also the question as to whether these are quality deals. A free taco every week is indeed a free meal, but the restaurant is betting on the foot traffic and the chance to upsell you when you go to pick up your order.

To sum it all up, when I consider the different websites where I have to register with to get freebies and the occasional complimentary merchandise (I don’t really need a T-Mobile cap), T-Mobile Tuesdays may only be worth the time for the most desperate deal-seeker.

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