Can You Really Save Money With T-Mobile Tuesdays?

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Among all of the phone plans out there, you may have heard of the only wireless provider with a certified day of the week: T-Mobile Tuesdays.

T-Mobile Tuesdays promises “free stuff and great deals” to the phone carrier’s customers. But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

In this article, I’m going to show you whether T-Mobile Tuesdays is worth it. As a longtime T-Mobile customer who uses the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, I’ll also tell you if it actually saves me money on the things I normally buy.

Money expert Clark Howard, who is also a T-Mobile customer, says he is fond of the app, but only because of the free merchandise you can get.

“They have all kinds of freebies and special deals that are just there as a loyalty-building thing for T-Mobile. And I only like it when they have free T-shirts or free hats, but other people take advantage of the other freebies and discounts they offer.”

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What Is T-Mobile Tuesdays and Is It Worth It?

T-Mobile Tuesdays app

T-Mobile Tuesdays is a free app and promotion available for download on both the iPhone and Android platforms.

Every Tuesday, the carrier will send you a notification of the newest bargains available in the app. You’ll see weekly deals, sweepstakes offers and even some deals that are not available until the following week.

The T-Mobile Tuesdays app typically features deals across three time periods:

  • Every week deals
  • Next Tuesday deals
  • Extra deals

While I’ve gotten free food and free merchandise from T-Mobile Tuesdays, you may find that many of the deals are not practical. That’s because many of the discounts and freebies with T-Mobile’s partners require you to log in to third-party websites to get the deal.

Can Non-T-Mobile Customers Take Advantage of the Deals?

Because the purpose of T-Mobile Tuesdays is to “thank the customer,” you have to be a T-Mobile subscriber to take advantage of most of the promotions — but there are a few exceptions.


In June 2020, T-Mobile Tuesdays became available to Sprint customers as well. That means if they download the app, Sprint customers can get discounts, prizes and free items as part of the loyalty program.

If you are not a T-Mobile or Sprint customer, you can enter the drawings for prizes and win.

Here’s what T-Mobile says on its website: “During the entry period beginning each Tuesday at 5 a.m. ET through Wednesday at 4:59 a.m. ET, anyone who is eligible can enter to win prizes through the Alternate Method of Entry available on the non-customer T-Mobile Tuesdays website:”

What Types of Deals Are Offered on T-Mobile Tuesdays?

T-Mobile Tuesdays typically offers five types of deals, with two of them being freebies and the rest usually just discounts. Here are some examples of what has been offered:

Hotel Bookings 40% off deal on T-Mobile Tuesdays

When I checked T-Mobile Tuesdays in June 2020, one of the best deals available was this offer. To get the deal you had to book within a limited period of time. The discount is applied to your bill before taxes and fees.

Gas Deals

T-Mobile Tuesdays offers 25 cents per gallon at Shell deal

One regular T-Mobile Tuesdays feature is a deal on fuel. Normally, you can save 10 cents or 25 cents a gallon when filling up at a Shell gas station.

Free Food

T-Mobile Tuesdays free Whopper

Most weeks you’ll find at least one free food offer on the app. For example, there is usually a free Burger King Whopper deal, no purchase necessary. To get my Whopper, I had to download the BK app and register.


For other food deals, typically you’ll have to download the restaurant’s app and place the order in the app to get the deal.

Free Merchandise

T-Mobile Tuesdays free baseball cap

On any particular Tuesday, the company will offer free T-Mobile merchandise for 24 hours. Of course, the free stuff goes fast!


If you’re wondering if you can save money with the T-Mobile app, the truth is that you can, but there are some caveats. To get some deals, you’ll have to give up some of your personal information to third-party websites.

There’s also the question as to whether these are quality deals. A free burger is indeed a free meal, but the restaurant is betting on the foot traffic and the chance to upsell you when you go to pick up your order.

To sum it all up, when I consider the different websites I have to register with to get freebies and the occasional complimentary merchandise (I don’t really need a T-Mobile cap), T-Mobile Tuesdays may only be worth the time for the most desperate deal-seeker.

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