T-Mobile Is Launching a New $15/Month Cell Phone Plan


T-Mobile is launching its lowest priced smartphone plan ever — and it’s coming ahead of schedule!

Starting March 25, T-Mobile Connect will offer unlimited talk, text and 2GB of high-speed smartphone data, including access to T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network.

For $25 per month plus tax, customers can get 5GB of high-speed smartphone data on the prepaid service.

T-Mobile Connect: New Prepaid Plans Starting at $15/Month

T-Mobile Connect was originally slated to launch when the merger with Sprint was finalized, but T-Mobile says it’s rolling out earlier in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Right now, having a reliable, low-cost connection is absolutely crucial for Americans, and with many facing financial strain, time is of the essence. We knew we couldn’t wait for the merger to finalize to launch T-Mobile Connect, our lowest priced smartphone plan, so we’re rolling out ahead of schedule,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “With T-Mobile Connect, we’re giving those hardest hit an even more affordable way to stay in touch. Half the price of our lowest-ever priced smartphone plan. So everyone can stay connected.”

Something unique about T-Mobile Connect is its Annual Data Upgrade feature. Customers will get an additional 500MB of monthly data every year for the next five years — no extra cost.

You can learn more about T-Mobile Connect and the new plans starting March 25 at prepaid.t-mobile.com.

For some context, several other low-cost providers have cell phone plans available for around $15 per month. They typically offer unlimited talk, text and between 1GB and 3GB of high-speed data.

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