There’s a New Unlimited Cell Phone Plan for People 55 and Up

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In addition to launching its new Magenta Max plan recently, T-Mobile has now sweetened the pot for some of its customers by offering a new age-specific mobile data plan.

If you’re in the 55+ age group and looking for a new cell phone plan, T-Mobile’s Magenta Max Unlimited 55 Max plan just may work for you.

Everything You Need To Know About T-Mobile’s Magenta Max Unlimited 55 Plan

In this article, we’ll break down what you need to know about T-Mobile’s new Magenta Max Unlimited 55 plan including its cost, features and how it compares to the wireless provider’s similar plans.

What Is T-Mobile’s Magenta Max Unlimited 55 Plan?

T-Mobile’s Magenta Max Unlimited 55 plan is the premium tier of the carrier’s 55+ plans. It includes “premium data,” which means your data won’t be throttled no matter how much you use, according to a T-Mobile news release.

Here are some of the top features in the Magenta Max Unlimited 55 plan:

  • Netflix
  • Up to 4K UHD streaming
  • 40GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data
  • Unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi

How Much Does the T-Mobile Magenta Max Unlimited 55 Plan Cost?

The price for T-Mobile’s Magenta Max Unlimited 55 plan is currently being advertised at $90 a month for two lines ($45 per line) with auto pay. And that includes monthly fees and taxes.

According to T-Mobile’s website, a single line on the Magenta Max Unlimited 55 plan costs $65 a month with autopay, $70 monthly if you choose not to set up automatic payments. Taxes and fees are still included.

New Features for Existing T-Mobile Magenta Unlimited 55 Customers

While the Max plan takes the place of the carrier’s Plus plan, T-Mobile has added some features to its existing Magenta Unlimited 55 offering as well.

While the bare-bones Essentials Unlimited 55 plan is basically staying the same, the Magenta Unlimited 55 plan, the carrier’s middle-tier option, now comes with 100GB of premium data and a free Netflix Basic subscription with two qualifying lines of service.

Here’s a breakdown of the features for the Magenta Unlimited 55 plans.

T-Mobile Unlimited 55 Plans: February 2021

Where Is T-Mobile’s Magenta Max Unlimited 55 Plan Available?

Like the other two similar plans, T-Mobile’s Magenta Max Unlimited 55 plan is available to all customers age 55+ in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

Final Thought

No matter what cell phone plan you choose, money expert Clark Howard always wants you to comparison shop to get the best deal.

Because T-Mobile’s Magenta Unlimited 55 plans all come with an age requirement, you may not qualify for them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save money.

If you want to stay within T-Mobile’s network but pay a lower price, Mint Mobile starts at $15 a month for unlimited talk, text and 4GB of data. The discount carrier also has an unlimited data plan for only $30 a month.

Want to see more deals? Here are the best cell phone plans for your money right now.

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