T-Mobile Base Essentials: New Plan for $45 per Month

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After recently launching Connect by T-Mobile, a prepaid plan beginning at $10 per month, T-Mobile has unveiled a new affordable postpaid plan: Base Essentials.

I’ve checked out the details of the new plan to see what you’ll get for the price and how Base Essentials compares to other T-Mobile postpaid plans. 

In this article, I’ll take a closer look at T-Mobile Base Essentials to help you determine whether or not you should consider switching to the new plan. 

T-Mobile Base Essentials: $45 for 20GB of High-Speed Data

T-Mobile is taking 2022 by storm. Based on a recent market analysis by internet performance analysis site Ookla, T-Mobile offers the best 5G network performance, availability and consistency. Plus, the cell phone service provider is finding more ways to offer access to the 5G network at affordable prices. 

Recently, T-Mobile unveiled a new postpaid plan: Base Essentials. The plan costs $45 per month for one line (plus taxes and fees) and comes with all of the essential benefits you need including 5G access, according to T-Mobile’s website.

Here’s everything that’s included with T-Mobile Base Essentials:

  • 20GB of high-speed data (then unlimited data at up to 1.5Mbps)
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot data at 3G speeds
  • Unlimited talk, and text and data at 2G speeds in Mexico and Canada
  • Calls from 210+ destinations for a low flat rate, and free text messages
  • One-year subscription to Paramount+ streaming service (subscription automatically renews at $4.99 per month after the first year)
  • Scam Shield spam call blocker

Of course, to have access to T-Mobile’s 5G network, you’ll need a 5G-capable device. If your current device isn’t 5G-capable, check out this article to determine whether or not it’s worth upgrading.

Since this is a postpaid plan, you’ll need credit approval to get started.

The fine print states that customers may notice speeds slower than other customers and further reduction if using more than 50GB per month due to data prioritization. Also, video typically streams in SD quality. 

You can check out the full details of T-Mobile Base Essentials by visiting the company’s website and clicking “See other plans.”


Base Essentials vs. Other T-Mobile Plans

T-Mobile offers a variety of different phone plans: Simply Prepaid, Connect by T-Mobile and unlimited plans including Essentials, Magenta and Magenta Max. 

T-Mobile Magenta Max is actually one of our top-recommended plans and holds the title for best unlimited data plan overall, best truly unlimited data plan, and best unlimited data plan for seniors. Unfortunately, it costs $85 per month for one line. Even the cheapest unlimited plan, T-Mobile Essentials, costs $60 plus taxes and fees. 

With Base Essentials, you can save $15 per month for one line. The biggest differences include the amount of high-speed data: Base Essentials offers 20GB whereas T-Mobile Essentials offers 50GB. If you can get by with a lower amount of high-speed data, Base Essentials is worth the savings compared to other unlimited T-Mobile plans. You’ll still have access to the same great network for a cheaper monthly price. If you’re searching for a one line phone plan comparison, check out our full-list of best phone plans for one here.

If you only need a little bit of data per month, I would still recommend opting for a prepaid plan by T-Mobile. Specifically, Connect by T-Mobile offers plans beginning as low as $10 per month for 1GB of high-speed data. 

However, the biggest allotment of high-speed data from Connect by T-Mobile is 12GB for $35 per month. If you need a prepaid plan with limited data, this isn’t a bad choice. However, it’s only $10 more for 20GB of high-speed data with Base Essentials.

Simply Prepaid by T-Mobile offers 10GB for $40 per month or unlimited data beginning at $50 per month. Again, unless you just need a prepaid plan (which has its benefits), Base Essentials offers a great compromise at $45. Of course, you’ll experience slower data speeds after 20GB as opposed to 50GB with Base Essentials compared to Simply Prepaid Unlimited.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a cheap postpaid plan from a major carrier, T-Mobile Base Essentials is going to be hard to beat. At $45 per month for one line, you’ll have access to 20GB of 5G/4G LTE data before reduced speeds plus unlimited talk and text. 

Additionally, T-Mobile’s network is a great one to have access to. Based on recent market analysis, T-Mobile offers the best 5G network, which Base Essentials provides access to. 

However, if you can get by with even less data or prefer a prepaid phone plan, Connect by T-Mobile will help you save even more for access to the same network. I also recommend checking out a few T-Mobile MVNOs like Tello and Mint Mobile. They also run on the same network and provide even more options for limited and unlimited high-speed data at affordable prices.

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