Mint Mobile Will Soon Be Owned by T-Mobile

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T-Mobile recently announced that the company has officially entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Mint Mobile. The goal is to “supercharge” Mint Mobile while also helping T-Mobile reach new customers. 

In this article, I’ll share everything we know about the acquisition including what it may mean for current Mint Mobile customers. 

T-Mobile Is Acquiring Mint Mobile for Up to $1.35 Billion

On March 15, T-Mobile announced that it will be acquiring Ka’ena Corporation and its subsidiaries, which includes Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile

Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile will complement T-Mobile’s current prepaid service offerings including Metro by T-Mobile (Review), Connect by T-Mobile (Review) and T-Mobile branded prepaid

Mint Mobile already runs on T-Mobile’s network, which means Mint Mobile customers should continue to have access to the same fast, reliable 5G network. Additionally, T-Mobile announced that they intend to continue Mint Mobile’s value pricing starting at $15/month. However, we don’t know for certain what will happen to Mint Mobile’s current plans and pricing.

“This kind of purchase always makes me really nervous because even though T-Mobile says they’re buying it for what it is, you never know at what point they decide to gum it up and make it more complicated.”

You can check out the full video announcement below: 

See the full press release on T-Mobile’s website for more details.

Mint Mobile: The Best Value for a Cheap Phone Plan

If you aren’t familiar with Mint Mobile, it’s a prepaid cell phone service provider that runs on T-Mobile’s towers. It provides access to the same service and 5G network (on capable devices) for a fraction of the price. 

Currently, here are the plans available from Mint Mobile: 

  • 4GB of high-speed data for $15/month ($45 for three months)
  • 10GB of high-speed data for $20/month ($60 for three months) 
  • 15GB of high-speed data for $25/month ($75 for three months)
  • 35GB of high-speed data for $30/month ($90 for three months)

All of Mint Mobile’s plans include unlimited talk, text and data thought speeds slow once you’ve hit your monthly high-speed data allotment.


Mint Mobile’s plan prices make them one of several aggressive and inexpensive discounters in the cell phone space according to money expert Clark Howard. These are the reasons that Mint Mobile has won several awards on including the following: 

While we can’t say for certain what will happen to Mint Mobile’s plan options and prices once the company is officially acquired by T-Mobile, we do know that the service will remain strong and that plans will still begin at $15 per month per line.

“Mint Mobile’s been scrappy, they’ve been fair to people, it’s been very affordable… we don’t hear really any large number of complaints about them. It’s just been a straight-out good deal and I’ll believe that it stays that way when I see it over time.” 

To learn more about Mint Mobile, you can read our full Mint Mobile review here. Also, be sure to visit the Community to let us know how you feel about the news.

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