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Red Pocket Deal: Get a Year of Unlimited Service Starting at $14/Month


Now through November 29, Red Pocket is offering four different annual phone plans at great prices. The plans begin as low as $168 ($14/month) and include unlimited talk, text and data.

I checked out Red Pocket’s unlimited annual plans and compared them to other cheap phone plans to see what you’ll be getting by taking advantage of this deal. You can check out the details below. 

Red Pocket Unlimited Annual Plan Deals

Red Pocket frequently offers deals on cell phone service, ranging from 50% your first month of service to three months of service for free. 

Through November 29, you can sign up for one of four limited-time annual deals. All of the plans include unlimited talk, text and data, but the amount of high-speed data you get per month varies per plan. 

Here are the available annual plans: 

  • $168 ($14/month): 3GB of high-speed data monthly
  • $216 ($18/month): 10GB of high-speed data monthly
  • $300 ($25/month): 22GB of high-speed data monthly
  • $399 ($33.25/month): 50GB of high-speed data monthly

Be sure to check Red Pocket’s coverage map to make sure you’ll have service in your area. The annual plans run on the GSMA network to provide access to 5G speeds. Also, be sure to read our full review of Red Pocket before you make the decision to switch.

How Do These Plans Compare?

To see how much you’d save with this deal, I compared Red Pocket’s unlimited annual plans to other cheap and unlimited phone plans. 

Currently, these are the three cheapest monthly phone plans available:

Each of these plans also include unlimited talk, text and 2G data.

For the same price as Tello’s Economy plan, you can get three times the amount of high-speed data right now with Red Pocket. That makes Red Pocket’s 3GB annual plan for $168 ($14/month) a great deal. The 10GB annual plan for $216 ($18/month) is also great for a bit more high-speed data. 

When it comes to other annual plans, Boost Mobile offers unlimited talk, text and data (1GB of high-speed data) for $100. That works out to be $8.33/month. With this plan from Boost Mobile, you’ll save $68 for the year compared to Red Pocket’s cheapest plan, but you’ll only have 1GB of monthly high-speed data compared to Red Pocket’s 3GB.

I also compared Red Pocket’s plans to other unlimited data plans.

Currently, these are the three cheapest unlimited data plans available:

Each of these plans also includes unlimited talk, text and 2G data.

If you’re willing to pay for a year upfront, Red Pocket’s current deal offers more high-speed data for the best prices available. For $300 ($25/month), you can get 22GB of high-speed data. For $399 ($33.25/month), you can get 50GB of high-speed data. That’s the same amount of high-speed data you’d get from Verizon’s Play More Unlimited plan, which costs $80/month.

Other Current Phone Plan Deals and Promotions

In addition to Red Pocket’s limited-time annual plans, these cell phone plan deals are also currently available:

Mint Mobile (Review)Buy three months of unlimited, get three months free. That's $90 for six months of unlimited service.T-Mobile
Visible (Review)Visible: Unlimited talk, text and data for $5 a month after you refer a friend.Verizon
Twigby (Review)50% off for the first six months! Plans include unlimited talk, text and 5GB of data starting at $12.50 per month. 3GB data plans begin as low as $10 per month.Verizon
Red Pocket (Review)All plans are available for $10 for the first month including Red Pocket's 50GB plan (renews at $50/month).Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile
Boost Mobile (Review)Boost offers a 2GB plan for $9 per month for the first six months.T-Mobile

For more options, be sure to check out all of our top picks for the best cheap phone plans and our top picks for the best unlimited data plans. You can also see more of our choices for the best overall cell phone plans and deals in 2021.

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