Google Fi Wireless: Free Trial and New Plan Perks

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Google Fi is now Google Fi Wireless. The rebrand includes a new name, logo and a few additional perks that benefit new and existing customers. 

I checked out the details of the rebrand to see what’s changed. In this article, I’ll take a closer look at everything you need to know about Google Fi Wireless’ latest announcement.

What’s New at Google Fi Wireless

Last week, Google Fi rebranded to Google Fi Wireless. Along with the new name and logo, the phone service provider introduced these perks: 

  • Smartwatch connectivity is now included in the Simply Unlimited plan at no extra cost
  • All plans now offer a free phone after 24 monthly bill credits with every new line added
  • eSIM-compatible phones are eligible for a 7-day free trial of Google Fi Wireless before you switch
  • The app is getting refreshed to include a more family-centric design

To begin with, Google Fi Wireless’ Simply Unlimited plan now includes smartwatch connectivity. Simply Unlimited costs $50 per month for one line or $80 per month for 2-4 lines. The plan has always included unlimited talk, text and data (35GB per person before reduced speeds) plus 5GB of mobile hotspot. Now, it also includes full connectivity for compatible smartwatches at no additional charge. Compatible smartwatches include the Pixel Watch and Samsung watches. 

Secondly, Google Fi Wireless announced that all plans now include a free phone after 24 monthly bill credits when you add a new line to your plan. According to Google Fi Wireless, eligible phones include the Google Pixel 6a, Samsung A14 and moto g power among others. 

If you aren’t already a Google Fi Wireless customer, you can now try out the service for a week. If you have an eSIM-compatible phone, you can take advantage of a 7-day free trial before switching. This is a great way to see if you’ll have service in your area with Google Fi Wireless before committing to a new plan. 

Finally, the company announced that the app is getting a major refresh to focus on families. The new and improved app is designed to make it easier to manage your family’s digital safety settings including who can contact your child. 

For more information on Google Fi Wireless’ new plan features, free trial and family-centric app, check out the full announcement here.

Google Fi Wireless: The Best International Phone Plan

If you aren’t familiar with Google Fi Wireless, it’s an affordable cell phone service provider that operates on T-Mobile’s network. As long as you have T-Mobile service in your area, you’ll likely be covered with Google Fi Wireless. Plus, T-Mobile is currently ranked far above the competition when it comes to 5G performance and availability, which means you should experience decent download speeds.

In addition to providing access to a reliable network in the U.S., Google Fi Wireless has excellent international features. In fact, Google Fi Wireless currently holds the title for the best international phone plan on


“Google Fi Wireless is great for somebody who routinely travels or spends lengthy amounts of time outside of the United States,” says money expert Clark Howard. “Basically, your service works outside the U.S. very similar to how it works in the U.S.”

One member of Team Clark switched to Google Fi Wireless in 2019 and hasn’t experienced any major issues in day-to-day use or while traveling abroad. Plus, she loves that the flexible pricing makes it possible to fully control your bill. Be sure to read her full review of Google Fi Wireless here before making the decision to switch. 

If you’re interested in comparing different service provider plans, check out our comprehensive guide to the best cell phone plans to help you make a more informed decision. Once you do decide on a new phone service provider, be sure to avoid this mistake people often make when switching carriers.

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