Here’s why you should never use your hazard lights while driving


A Georgia police department is advising drivers to not use hazard lights while driving, even in the rain.

Risks of driving with hazard lights on

In some states, the use of hazard lights is permitted while driving, but in many states, it’s illegal.

But the Johns Creek Police Department put out a call to Facebook this week urging drivers to not use their hazard lights while driving.

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The metro Atlanta police department warned that using hazard lights may actually signal to other drivers that you are stopped or stalled on the road, and the lights can reduce the ability to see if the vehicles ahead are braking.


Hazard lights also ‘turn off your ability to use your turn signals,’ the police department wrote in its January 5 post.

Instead of using hazard lights while driving, consider not driving at all until road conditions improve.

‘If you cannot see, pull over to a safe place and wait (until) driving conditions are better,’ the department wrote. ‘Your flashers should only be used while your vehicle is stopped or disabled on the roadway or shoulder. This is a sign for emergency services that someone is in need of assistance.’

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