Why is the price of gas dropping?


Gas prices are down 40 cents on average from a year ago. It’s an example of how uncertainty in the economy can have a real certainty for your wallet at this time.

I just went through on GasBuddy.com and there are so many states with prices starting at $2 and change. South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Georgia, and New Jersey to name just a few.

The price of gas is getting cheaper and cheaper, almost by the minute. And prices could go lower from here over the next 6 weeks.

Why? In part because of ample supply, including new production from North America. The other part of the equation is all the concern about the budget and a potential government shutdown. That is depressing business and consumer confidence, which in turn reduces demand.

So that’s why we’re in good shape at the moment on what you pay at the pump. Of course, that’s barring any unforeseen events in the world like natural disaster or an act of terrorism.

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