Why I decided to buy a Tesla S

Why I decided to buy a Tesla S
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I’ve had some very strong feedback since I revealed that my wife and I bought a Tesla. The Tesla S is an all-electric car made in California. It’s a magnificent automobile, an incredible performer…and it costs a fortune.

I bought one when there was a cheaper version that no longer exists. After tax credits for buying an electric car, my net cost is a hair over $44,000.

As people have said repeatedly to me, ‘Who are you, and what happened to Clark?’

Because I am a thrifty person, how do I square the fact that I would spend outrageous money — me who usually buys cars used — to buy a brand new car that is a total luxury?

My rationale is I am obsessed with breaking our dependence on foreign oil. We’ve been hamstrung politically, militarily, and diplomatically because of how some foreign oil-producing nations have us over a barrel.

For me, that’s why I had natural gas cars and hybrids going back to 2000. I have a blind spot about this that trumps my normal thing about money. I want to set an example, to get you to think outside the box.

Clark Howard shows off the 'frunk' of his all-electric Tesla

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