How to change your vehicle’s turn signal bulb


Next time the turn signal goes out in your vehicle, don’t take it to the garage to get fixed. Fix it yourself!

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How to change your vehicle’s turn signal bulb

Is your bulb burned out? The solution is simple: Go to any auto store and tell them the make, model and year of your vehicle. They’ll guide you to the exact kind of bulb you need. The purchase will likely just set you back a few bucks.

Then consult your owner’s manual to see exactly how to change the bulb. You’ll usually find this info in the ‘do it yourself’ maintenance section of the owner’s manual.

You’ll want to wear gloves when handling the bulb. The natural oils on the surface of your skin will cause the bulb to burn hotter in areas where you touch it, thus shorting the bulb’s lifespan.

And don’t forget to disconnect the power supply to the lights before you begin. Look for a cord or plug that can be gently wiggled out. Disconnecting it makes it safer for you. Plus, it gives you a better entry point to the bulb casing you’ll need to access to swap out the broken bulb for the new one.

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