Used fryer grease is a hot steal for crooks


The crime of opportunity of the moment is stealing restaurant grease. I read a report in The San Francisco Chronicle  that this is a plague in the Bay area. What are the crooks using it for? Converting it to diesel fuel to operate diesel cars or trucks! A lot of diesel vehicles can be easily run on restaurant grease.

Fryer grease is something that used to cost restaurants a great deal for disposal. But you run up the price of fuel enough, and that grease goes from being a headache to being a moneymaker, as legitimate haulers pay restaurants to take the grease away and resell it for biodiesel conversion.

But now the crooks! This stuff is being called “liquid gold.” Who would have ever thought? The reality is when the marketplace pushes up the price of oil and gas, people adjust and change what they do.

I think about electric motorcycles and how popular they were when gas hit $4.11/gallon several summers ago. Ditto with electric bikes. But when the price of gas went back down, nobody wanted one.

Now that gas is high again, there’s renewed interest in electric motorcycles. Electric motorcycles cost quite a bit more than a typical motorcycle, but running them is like a penny a mile. When we were in Shanghai, we didn’t hear most of the scooters and motorcycles we saw because they were electric. That is part of the future.

I drive an electric car, which is not a practical purchase for most people. But the Europeans are making great advancements with regular gas engine vehicles that get 50 mpg on the highway and upper 30s in town. And they have real pickup!

We are going to make a lot happen in the near future in terms of what it costs you to get down the road and how you do it. But one thing you shouldn’t do is steal your way because then you won’t need to commute at all when you get caught!

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