Used car buying snafu hits close to home for Clark, literally


Clark was reminded of the dangers of used car buying when an unfortunate motorist broke down and had to pull into his driveway recently!

In this particular instance, the motorist was a member of our Air Force who bought the used car from a Craigslist seller. The airman had just picked up the car and didn’t even make it home with the vehicle before it broke down.

All used cars are sold “as is,” whether by a private seller or a licensed dealer — unless they come with a warranty stated in writing. Worse yet, the seller is not required by law to be honest about the condition of the vehicle. Whatever representations they make about the car can be false.

We get so many calls on the show from people who are duped when buying a used car. We call them “razor blade calls” because they’re so painful to hear.

Remember Clark’s key rule of used car buying: Have the car inspected by a certified diagnostic mechanic of your choosing. You can eliminate nine out of 10 used car buying disasters this way.

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