Electric car deals create short supply


After telling you several weeks ago that automakers are rolling out great leasing offers on electric vehicles, I now have a new situation to report: Electric vehicles are in short supply on dealer lots! 

Range anxiety had been a big reason why people weren’t buying electric cars. That’s the fear that you’ll run out of charge and have to call a tow truck from the side of the road!

But the recent incentives really helped people get over that in their minds. Nissan, Honda, and Chevy all rolled out lease deals that really set the market on fire.

Nissan has lowered the price to $29,000 before federal tax credits, which means this car is cheaper than the typical car sold in the U.S. after tax credits.  But wait, there’s more. Nissan is now offering 2 years of free charging via a smartcard where you go to charging stations and Nissan picks up the tab.

The range on the new Leafs is about 90 – 100 miles on a single charge.

That’s cheaper and more range than I got after having paid $36,000 for my Nissan Leaf (before any tax incentives) some time ago!

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