States try to outlaw buying a Tesla


Several states are now trying to make it a crime for you to buy a car on the Internet.

In New York state, there are a pair of bills written by auto dealers that would make it illegal for you to register a Tesla in the state. North Carolina has passed a law awaiting the signature of the governor that would make it a crime too. And in Texas, the state already has a law in place that criminalizes buying a car online…

The easy and obvious workaround in New York is the idea of buying a car in another state and then registering it in your state. But that would also be criminalized!

This is all about corruption and crony capitalism. Tesla has emerged without a dealership model selling directly on the Internet. Now car dealers who fear the power of the Internet have worked overtime to get laws through the legislature making that business model a crime.

Auto dealers are afraid to compete, so they’ve use their sway with state legislators. In North Carolina, the legislation to make it a crime to buy a Tesla passed unanimously!

That’s just crazy. If you asked an elected official, no one would fess up to not believing in free enterprise. But that’s what they’re doing.

In states with GOP-dominated legislatures, you’d hear much about big government and too much government red tape. But instead, these GOPers are part of the freight train trying to eliminate free market competition.

It’s appalling that people who consider themselves business people and free enterprisers and supporters of small business are afraid to compete.

Let’s look at the facts: Tesla is a tiny company selling an expensive electric car. There aren’t exactly a lot of dealers falling all over them to sell you a similar car. But yet they don’t want you to buy it.

We can’t let his happen in darkness, so that’s why I’m shining a light on it.


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