Spoiled son torches Ferrari so rich dad will buy him a new one


Talk about a major temper tantrum!

The son of a Swiss millionaire has been sentenced to 22 months’ probation and fined $32,000 after setting his $245,000 Ferrari on fire so that he could get an upgrade.

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Kid has 14 other cars!

20 minutes newspaper reports that the Ferrari 458 Italia was one of 15 cars, including a Lamborghini, that his father gifted him with. He says he was afraid to tell his dad he didn’t like it, so he set up an insurance scam.

The son reportedly paid three accomplices $15,000 to carry out the plan of setting the car on fire.  In order to avoid getting caught, he took the car over the border in southern Germany.

Unfortunately, security cameras caught him in the act and his plans were foiled. He’ll now just have to live with the other 14 cars he owns. 

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