Smaller cars offer great fuel economy, great prices

Smaller cars offer great fuel economy, great prices
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Smaller cars are sitting unloved on dealer lots. That means you can get a deal at a time when we’ve had a big run-up in gas prices during the last few weeks.

Both the Toyota Yaris and the Honda Fit are in big oversupply and priced to move. What’s interesting to me is that the Fit in particular often gets glowing reviews from consumer publications.

So buying one of these models right now will afford you great fuel economy and a great price, either new or used.

But here’s the thing. There’s the question of safety. When my oldest daughter was a new driver, I didn’t want her in the smallest car available. You want some metal around a new driver.

Because even though small cars are safer than they used to be, the laws of physics still apply.

You put a bigger, heavier vehicle and a lighter, smaller vehicle in a crash…well, you know the results.

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