See the Safest Cars on the Road


Looking for the safest rides on the road? Look no further than the latest tally of crash test results from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

In 2012, the IIHS introduced a “Small Overlap Frontal Test,” in which 25% of the car’s width strikes a barrier on the driver side at 40 MPH. A car’s main crush-zone structure that absorbs most of the impact is in the middle 50% of the front end. Small overlap crashes hit the headlight sections near the outer edges, where there’s no significant “crumple zone.”

That small overlap test initially really confounded automakers. Many popular models suddenly failed safety tests when the criterion was introduced. But 3 years on, many new cars are being built to handle small overlap frontal crashes. You can view results at

Keep in mind that a vehicle’s ratings are based on its performance compared to that of similar-sized vehicles. But when a large vehicle hits a small one, the intrusion into the occupant compartment will always be more serious.

Below you’ll find a list of the IIHS top picks for safety…and there are a ton of foreign automakers on the list. But where are the American manufacturers?!

Safest cars on the road

  • Subaru Outback
  • Lexus CT 200h
  • Toyota Camry
  • Acura RLX
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Mazda3
  • Toyota Prius V
  • Hyundai Genesis
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Infiniti Q70
  • Subaru XV Crosstrek
  • Lexus RC
  • Acura MDX
  • Toyota Prius
  • Acura TLX
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class
  • Lexus NX
  • Audi A3
  • Volvo S80
  • Mercedes-Benz M-Class
  • BMW 2 series
  • Volvo XC60
  • Chrysler 200
  • Infiniti Q50
  • Mazda6
  • Volvo S60
  • Honda CR-V
  • Subaru Legacy
  • Volvo V60
  • Mazda CX-5
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Mitsubishi Outlander
  • Subaru Forester

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