Scooters offer one solution to high gas prices


In today’s market with high gas prices, scooters sales are up nearly 50% from a year ago, according to a trade association for the motorcycle industry.

I got my first scooter 6 years ago. I love it and it costs next to nothing to fill up. My tank holds 1.25 gallons. Last time I went to fill up, I pulled up next to a Ford Expedition that was already in progress of filling up. I got off my scooter, filled up and drove off for just a little over $4 while the Expedition was still guzzling gas. Who knows how long it would have been there and how much the final bill would be?!

But a scooter is not for everybody. My wife wishes I wouldn’t ride mine because she’s worried I’ll wind up as road pizza. I will say this: Riding a scooter certainly has made me much more alert as a driver in a car. Because on a scooter, you really find out how clueless people are when they’re driving in a car or SUV.

Owning a scooter is now a lot cheaper thanks to a slew of Chinese models that price out below $1,000 for a 50cc model. These are not for the freeway because they cap out at 45 miles per hour; they’re just for surface streets. Depending on your state, you may need a plate or tag, or you may be able to ride it like a bike without any registration.

Many people buy a scooter and decide they don’t like it and quickly resell. Very often, you can go to Craigslist and find nearly new scooters people are looking to unload for around $500. You’ll have very little risk at that price. Even if you want to turn around and need to resell, you may not lose any money at all.

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