RVs remain a deal as industry sales continue their slump


Nearly two years ago, Clark first talked about the deals that were popping up on recreational

vehicles. A year and a half later, it’s still an outstanding time to buy an RV. That’s because

the industry is in the worst slump since the severe oil shortages of the late 1970s.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the RV market is splitting. There are

lower-priced near luxury RVs (Class B) that are seeing a slight recovery in sales. These are the kind of vehicles that can cost up to $70,000.

Then there’s the ultra high-end luxury market (Class A) that’s really hurting. These kind of vehicles can cost more than $400,000 a pop! Because sales are so depressed, this is one area where you can really steal a deal — if it’s your thing. Clark has a friend who owns a Class A RV and he’s been on it. It really is like a luxury yacht on wheels, though this is not really Clark’s deal.

Right now, you still have the chance to buy something at a good price, particularly if you’re talking about the lower end of the spectrum. The Los Angeles Times cited the following example: One couple “bought a ‘pop-up’ folding trailer camper about a year ago on eBay for just $5,500 after a dealership grew weary of trying to sell it for nearly $9,000.”

But when is a bargain not a bargain? This whole discussion probably fits into that category for Clark. RVs are simply not how Clark likes to roll!

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