Report: Audi may buy back 25K vehicles involved in emissions cheating scandal


Volkswagen announced over the summer that it would be buying back 2.0-liter diesels involved in the widespread emissions cheating scandal that sullied the company’s name.

Now it looks like that buyback plan could grow to include VW Groups cars with the 3.0-liter diesel engines that were manufactured under its premium brand nameplate Audi.

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The latest talk of buy backs

Reuters cites a German newspaper report in Der Spiegel that says Audi will buy back 25,000 Audi SUVs sold in the United States that have the 3.0-liter TDI V6 engine.

That number of 25,000 represents a little more than a quarter of the 85,000 vehicles the car maker is talking with U.S. authorities about fixing since systemic cheating on the emissions test was revealed last year.

Der Spiegel reports those 25,000 cars are of an older generation that simply can’t be brought into compliance with modern emissions standards.

Meanwhile, VW and U.S. regulators can’t seem to come to an agreement about a remedy for the other 60,000 vehicles that in theory are new enough to be fixed.

So additional buy backs may be in store down the road!

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