Now is the time to buy a hybrid vehicle


This sure is ugly right, the fuel tank, and what used to be ugly is what it cost to fill this thing. But now people are smiling and smiling, and the good news looks like it’s just going to keep on coming, and people feel like this is a shock. It’s not a shock there are reasons why we’re paying so much less for gasoline. It’s because the economy in China has slowed down Europe’s in a recession, so the demand isn’t there and then we in America and our neighbors to the north in Canada are producing so much new energy, and all that fracking you hear about massive new supplies.

The world just has too much oil, and in turn gasoline, right now. So let me tell you there’s an opportunity with gas being so cheap. Nobody is interested in vehicles that are really fuel efficient like hybrids, so the dealers, the manufacturers, are offering deal after deal after deal because low gas prices are there today, but they’re not forever. So think about what car you buy, and if you can get a steal on it, why not? I’m Clark Howard.

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