Nissan sends $400 apology check for minor error


Nissan has made a stunning display of great customer service all because of a mistake in tech specs about the size of the gas tank in one particularly hot-selling model.

Quite often, I talk to callers on the show who have beefs about companies they feel are doing the wrong thing. You could get the impression over time that businesses don’t behave ethically. But I don’t believe that. Overwhelmingly, most business owners are looking to make a legitimate profit by running a legitimate business.

And then there are examples of companies that make a simple mistake and come forward to make it right even when nobody’s asked them to do so.

In Nissan’s marketing literature for the Juke, their popular mini SUV, the specs listed the gas tank as holding approximately 13 gallons. But in reality, some Jukes had tanks that only held around 12 gallons, while others did have the 13-gallon tank, according to Automotive News.

Now, a difference of 1 gallon in the gas tank capacity is not a material thing that I think would affect a buyer’s purchasing choice. I have no idea what the gas tank in any car I’ve ever owned holds. It’s just not something that I’ve had any reason to learn about.

But Nissan took it upon on itself to send apology letters to the people who bought the vehicles with the 12-gallon tanks, along with a $400 check!

That is way beyond bending over backwards for the customer. Maybe it will pay big dividends over time for Nissan. But $400 sounds way too generous to me!

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