New online resource assists with used-car shopping


Finding the right price when you’re buying a new car is pretty easy. But finding the right price for a used car? Not so much…until now. lets you put in your zip code and the make/model of the vehicle you’re interested in at their website. Then they’ll comb through some 2 million listings available on published databases and rate the vehicles available for sale with notations of “great price,” “good price” “fair price” and on down.

This gives you the ability to find a price that is a diamond in the rough and to weed out what would be lousy deals.

But price is only a part of the whole equation.

One of the key things to know about buying a used car is that you buy “as is.” You can’t rely on any representations that the salesperson makes about the car, be it a commissioned employee at a dealership or an independent seller in your neighborhood. Always have a potential used-car purchase inspected by a mechanic as a condition of purchase. They’ll tell you if the car is in good shape or not.

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