New device helps you avoid red light cameras


People react so strongly every time I talk about red light cameras. You have a lot of folks who are strident that the cameras are there to make driving safer. And I’m in the other camp, where I feel red light cameras are there for revenue, not for our safety. It’s my heartfelt belief that local government sees red light cameras as a backdoor method of taxing.

Well, what if you could have an answer that speaks to both camps — those who don’t want to pay the ticket and those who believe the cameras are there for our safety?

COBRA is the manufacturer that makes all those radar detectors that help you try to avoid speeding tickets. Now they have a new device called the iRadar that works with smartphones to alert you when you’re approaching an intersection with red light cameras.

So the iRadar essentially serves 2 masters: It warns you about cameras so you don’t run a light and don’t get that ticket (and don’t get in that accident.) And it chokes off that revenue that the local government is looking to reap with red light cameras.

The iRadar retails for around $129, which is much cheaper than a red light ticket in most jurisdictions. Just make sure your smart phone is compatible with COBRA’s technology before you buy the iRadar.

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